why do we have gun control laws

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    You cannot have criminals or psychriatic unstable people running around the streets with guns. I personlly think the laws should be stricter. Most people who have guns for protections end up with someone getting shot by accident or getting overpowered and getting shot themselves. The police are too liberal themselves with guns.
    I know a lot people who own hand guns and a few have used them for protection and what you describe i have not seen. as far as the bad guy they dont car about the law. i dont know a lot of crazy people with guns.most of the gun laws were passed as riders on more important bills. so most people were unaware that we were having are rights taken away.
    so we won't have more nuts running around with uzis, like the one who shot the congresswoman, and killed the little girl, and shot other people at the same time.
    There are a lot of murders, that wouldn't have taken place if the gun wasn't there.
    handguns are made for one kill people !!
    a better question might be----why is it legal to own a gun, but illegal to own a tazer ? least it is here in Mich.
    We don't.......that's the problem!! You can own a hand gun, or a rifle. There are many , many murders that would not happen , if the gun weren't there. the killings in Arizona, where that innocent 9 yr. old girl was killed.
    So people that hold their Head in their Hand can't get guns.
    The best Gun control, no guns, except for the Police. I dont live in a gun culture country, some people have guns,they manage to get them, but at least there are not that many shootings, reported.
    They are mostly to control the possibility of the public taking the country or government back. Politicians are afraid that if people own automatic weapons that they will rebel and kick them out on their butts.

    Yes part of the law is to keep guns out of the hands of the crazies out there, the other parts is to keep the firepower of the average person much lower than that of the average soldier.

    Thumbs up Grady, on your answer. People who still completely trust their government don't understand how power corrupts. All you have to do is look at history to see how absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    To try to keep guns out of the hands of mentally unstable people.


    but who makes that assesment and what gives them the right. the only people that abide buy the law are honest people and that puts them at a disavantage with no protection.


    The legislators voted into office made the laws. The gun buyer fills out a form and the assessment is made by representatives of the Public Safety Commission after they do a background check on the person.
    Several reasons, first of all, guns are dangerous and should be regulated. Secondly, contrary to what gun enthusiast think, not every gun owner is a responsible person. I'm sure some gun owner is going to throw out some stastic to show it's a small percentage. However, if they were all responsible then there wouldn't be children killed every year because some dimwit parent left his gun unattended or people wouldn't be shot by accident. Third, there is the problem of protection. I understand that people think they should be able to protect themselves and so they should. But, sometimes people aren't good judges of critical situations. For example, I recently read a story in the paper about a man that was protecting himself and is now being prosecuted because he shot the attacker when he was running away. Evidently a no no. Further morel, here in Va. we just had one of the stupidest gun laws passed I've ever heard of. Now, people can carry guns into bars concealed in they have a concealed carry permit. A bar, for heavens sake, you know, those places where common sense abounds. And get this, the bar tender is responsible. How the hell would he know if it's a concealed weapon?

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