Do you believe in memories coming from your mother, before birth?

    I told a story of my sister leaving the house to go to the hospital when I was quite young, I ask why she said goodbye to everyone but me and was told that I wasn't born then.
    I described the house perfectly although we moved before I was born and had never been in that house.
    My mom was of course quite upset when this happened with my sister and was 8 months pregnant with me.

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    Interesting story!

    Embryos are supposed to develop their auditive faculties from the seventh month onward, so they can actually hear what is going on around them. In your case, this explanation is insufficient, because what you described implies that you were not only understanding speech already, but also perceiving the physical conditions of your surroundings in detail. This sounds more like some kind of out-of-body-experience to me. As if your soul was beforehand exploring the family it had chosen to incarnate into.

    This is a wild theory, but it is the only explanation I can think of.

    It is possible for a pregnant woman's thoughts have a physical connection to her unborn child.
    The funny thing was the disappointment when she never said goodbye to me, it was like she looked above me.

    Are you speaking about your sister never said good-bye?
    Headless Man

    I'm not sure about that, But I would swear I can remember mom calling dad to tell him the John Kennedy was shot.. I would have been about 4 months old.
    did you see my comment on your reincarnation answer
    Headless Man

    Yes and I ask, do you mean Elijah?
    If so I can't see a reincarnation but will study it more.
    Ginger, it wasn't a dream I wasn't born yet......
    The house was never described to me, but it had a corner door and they took my sister out on a bed and at that time my mom had not seen anyone taken out like that and live, my sister had appendicitis and was home soon but I'm sure it was a shock to her and thats why I remember it.

    Interesting question,i vaguely remember my late Father talking about this

    As a dream interpreter, I can say that all we know of the world is given us by experience, as a matter of dreaming. That means that we understand through the 5 senses. The sixth sense is not what you have heard of it. it requires that we both hear and see as witnesses of a matter, otherwise, for perspective sake, it is difficult to witness that which we do not already know, or what is being given us to note. With that said, you do go on to say you can describe the surroundings in detail. Unless you have seen it, it is hard to say you have witnessed it. We, in life, only pass on the breath of life through the cord which is severed at birth. Hearing, it is very possible to understand and describe, if a matter is being described to you. If your comprehension is accurate in your ability to pick up on what you have heard, then the sense of hearing would be the only thing that would take precedence. Your sister, Ginger, Adreamer2

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