Which Birthday effected you the most? For me it was 30.

    I was devastated on my 30th birthday. I couldn't get over how old I suddenly became and started checking my hair for fallout amongst other "old age" related things.

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    my worst birthday was when i was 13. that was when my mom passed on and my dad wound up in mental health. i flunked 7th grade that year and went on to foster homes where i became a paycheck. i tel ya, if your parents are still around, you are very blessed. love them and take care of them. i know im 56.
    ed shank

    I am overwhelmed and in tears, how did you survive this? At times I thought my baggage was heavy,but nothing like what you endured. You do deserve a special place with the "Big Guy".

    But you are a survivor carmaxable.You got thru it & turned out great.

    carmaxable; It seems to me that you have done good. How many foster homes have you lived in? What were they like?

    Well carmaxable you did it to me tonight. Your brought the true tears to my eyes. I precisely, exactly, know what you have been through. I have been fighting for kids for years. I have worked in several group homes, also big organization that service kids. Worked as a social worker, as a mentor, as a tutor, with gang kids. With cutters, with over medicated kids. I been fighting this fight and will continue to fight for kids. Many call me a child advocate. And I am. That is one of my true passions in life. Sometimes it wears me down. But I will not let it go as long as God lets me breath. I know what you have been through. God bless you and every kid! I think I am going to go get some tissue and sign off for tonite. Good night. Love you all!
    I never worried about getting older. It happens wether you like it or not.

    I can hardly contain my self for next feb 29 because I am a leap year baby and not only is next year a leap year but I will be 80. RIPPER RITA> Born Monday 29th feb and it was a full moon, now that explains a lot doesn~t it. Trust me you are only as old as the girl you feel, gee I wish I felt 18 again.

    I'd settle for 35.

    Thanks flip.

    Well, happy birthday ahead of time, I had no idea you were older, your comments seem so young. Must be young at heart...
    Thirty was hard for me too. I'm 42 now and have come up with a reason(for me) that any birthday would suck. I have quit thinking that by the time I am(say 50) I will be"" or have"". I have no set time to be or do anything, it is what it is. There is no let down if I don't make the mark(if that makes sense).I also celebrate my birthday with gifts for my was after all her birth- day. It was she who went through hell alone those days as the dads weren't allowed in the birthing room.It is quite fun to plan a way to surprise your parents with something they are not expecting. When I was born my dad ate my mom's dinner at the hospital because I was being born, so I am going to try and find out what the meal was and have it delivered to their home for dinner that night. This year I sent flowers with a big"It's a girl" balloon attached. They thought the florist had made a was quite funny. Anyways celebrate your life and savour the good days.
    With me it was when I turned 50, more aches and pains. Matter of fact I'm 57 TODAY !!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    BEST WISHES, Space ghost.

    Happy Birthday! Make it a good one. Enjoy!

    Thank you all so much for the Birthday wishes, it means a lot to me. God bless you all. IluvJesus, bulletman, and Flip, you ARE GOOD people and I appreciate and respect you.

    Well happy belated Spaceghost...Hope 57 feels less painful!

    Thanks mom, but still feel an ache here there.


    many happy returns Spacey

    Happy Belated Birthday, Spaceghost. I just never know what question is going to appear. This was a good one.

    Thanks itsmee.
    I only had one birthday-- It affected my whole life..
    21st just began..spent the winter in montego bay jamica.. wowser
    My first birthday was the most memorable. Doc picked me up by the ankles and slapped me so hard that it was like being hit by a bus. I thought I would die. My guardian told me I would be ok…wow!
    For me it was when I turned 40 that really bothered me a lot now that I am 58 age no longer bothers me.
    My last one, I turned 59 and I realized "Shit - I'm old."

    You're not old, because I'm 59 and I'm not old!
    it was when i turned 61,found out i had diabetes,high blood pressure,and my cholestrol was wacked too.

    I'm turning 54 in two weeks and like my every birthday, it will be my day all day.... and after months of having already upped my age, I'll have to remember how old I really am... I like my birthdays, they are mine and nobody can take them away from me.......

    This question has been around for a while, but it's a good one.

    40 was really depressing for me and who knows why.  The whole decade was miserable for me.

    When the 50th arrived, I was overjoyed and feel this decade has been much better.

    60 is next March.....I am dragging my feet on that one.

    THE MOST MEMORABLE, however, was when my best friend's sister turned 25 (we were about 14) and was upset because she was now a quarter of a century old.  WOW.  That was OLD!

    60. never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would live to be this age.I'm 63 now.

    I always imagined I would go out in a blaze of glory at around 35.

    (Or something like that).Hahaha!

    happy belated birthday Spaceghost xill b 50 this year but it doesnt bother me,think youre as young as you feel

    I don't care about my birthday anymore. When I was 10yrs old I did. Your hair doesn't fall out at thirty, unless you're male. Wait until you reach eighty, then you will be thinking thirty was so young.
    30,40,50, ok but 60 is accumulation of all those ages in one hit, all the falls& knocks,all extreme physical activities i did come back to haunt ya. GIVE me 30 any day!
    Mine was my 8th... I was at a lake with my family and they pulled the body of a 13 year old boy old of the water that had been there for 3 months...
    30 didnt phase me... weight gain last year freaked me out a little but I have learned to love my curves.
    ed shank

    Wow, eight years old. That would have ruined my sleep for the next decade.

    I am 34 now and last year was the first year I have gone into the water aside from a pool or bath.

    62 and  a half. Two months ago had heart bypass surgery now I have a heart of a twenty year old and I ready  for another 60, what a life

    Birthdays never affected me in such ways. I just thank my parents and enjoy the day.
    None. Birthdays to me have always been just another day (at least after I became an adult). Age is a state of mind. I never look at myself as a number of years. I'm just me and alive. It works :)

    I guess if I had to pick an age, it would be 13. I was finally a teenager and not just a child.
    The last one......I have.

    For me it was 10 because I finally had two digits instead of just one! Yippie!

    I think mine was at 46 I realised I was on the backside of 40
    31! Weird, I know. I'm only 32 now, but enjoying getting older and leaving some things behind!! :)

    not your wisdom.. your wise beyond your years

    Aw...thanks Daren! You are too kind!

    when I turn 20 I cried my heart out! I thought it was all down hill now! I was so stupid!  I'll be 51 or 52 in 2 weeks, I can't remember anymore. My sister usually calls and breaks the bad news! I don't even try to keep up. My son stop asking, he just calls the tattle tale of the family.

    I acted the same ole foolish way for my 30th. My birthday is Nov 25th and it came on the Sunday after Thanksgiving that year and I refused to leave the house from Friday to Sunday to make sure I made it to Sunday. How crazy can you be? I told my husband and kids that whatever they were going to eat they better buy it for me to cook before Friday cause I was not leaving the house again until after I made it to 30. I am now 50 and look back and just laugh cause I am looking forward to the next 30 years and not dreading one day.
    I actually experienced severe boughts of depression for quite some time. Sounds crazy but, I had to take time from work and locked myself in my home for a while. Still don't know why it affected me so.

    Aww that is sad... Maybe when I start looking older I will have problems.. as of now, my kids in high school and middle school depresses me... Age is ok but time is a monster.
    ed shank

    "Monster", I like that.

    I was happy to turn 20...thought that I was all grown up and could do whatever I wanted to, at last!  I actually thought that I was pretty wise at that age.  I have since learned that our brains are not even fully developed until the age of 25! 

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