What is or was your favorite TV program of all time and why?

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    Star Trek Voyager series....The Borg, Women in leadership rolls, complexity of characters, visual arts, fine actors and well designed plot lines. The nature of such a series is essentially combative in response to our cultural interests. But it still contained illuminating facts and adaptation of merit.
    I think my favorites changed throughout my life, but if I must pick one it would be LOST. At times it was exciting and other times ridiculous, but always suspenseful. I wasn't happy with the ending, but it did fit the way the writers thought.
    I'll go for a comedy...........Barney Miller. The characters and actors that played them were terrific especially after the second year. I cried when they showed the last episode. It was like saying goodby to many dear friends.
    When I was younger (and some as an adult) my favorite show to watch was Chip's because I was so in love with Eric Estrada. I used to tell everyone I would marry him someday and the funny part of this is I actually ended up marrying a man who looks like him so I guess my dream did come true in a way.

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