if two sets of twins married and had children would their offspring look alike?

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    even though identical twins have identical DNA, there is a pool to draw from. That's why any set of parents kids, don't all look they same. They all draw from the same pool of genes, but don't all get the same ones.It is highly improbable that they would produce identical children. They would look like brother and sister (closer than cousins, but not identical)
    They will probably look like brother and sister with slight differences.

    Would, probably not, I think.

    It's highly probable, all of my siblings kids look alike, and none of us are twins, so I would suspect it would be very likely, even more so with twins TMO

    They just look like sibblings.

    Let's just hope they are good looking twins!
    it would depend first off if the two sets of twins were identical produced when the egg splits or fraternal formed from two seperate eggs. Then the second factor in play would be how their genes line up with recessive/recessive genes for each feature or dominant/recessive there would be a mix of these for each seperate trait. So therefore the children could turn out looking like anything basically like normal children.

    of course where else would they get there looks?

    unless its twins and one baby daddy!

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