THE federal reserve bank {nothing to do with USA gov.} ADMITTED TO HAVING $2.5 TRILLION $$$$$ on their Books 5-2011,they do not know what to do with it!!!quote QUESTION ,WHERE DID THEY GET THE MONEY FROM??????

    QUESTION;WHERE DID THEY GET $2,500,000,000,000 trillion FROM?????
    Why do we need the [non us bank}to exist?????
    Please will , some body explain this ??????

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    The Federal Reserve is one scary "SOB".  The money they have is not something to be borrowed or put against the national debt.  When the USA wants more money in circulation, a request is made to the FR for "X" number of dollars.  That exact amount of money is printed and loaned, with interest, to the US. 
    IF the US even TRIED to pay off the debt it owes the Federal Reserve, it couldn't.  The money to pay the interest has never been printed.  It doesn't exist. 
    Back in the early 1800's, warnings were rampant about NOT allowing an outside agency to control the flow of money in the US.  People were assassinated (or attempts were made on them) who spoke against the concept.
    I think it was Woodrow Wilson who finally signed over our existence to the Federal Reserve, in 1913.  I could be wrong about this.
    I know for sure we are screwed.

    The Bureau of Engraving in Washington, DC is where the paper money is printed and stored until a Federal District asks for some. The paper sheets of 36 bills then receives the seal of the district number request and imprints it on the bills (1-12) along with the signatures of the Treasurer and Secretary of Treasury of the United States. And what makes you think otherwise. Congress voted to standardize the Federal Reserve Notes and ordered printing of Silver Certificates and US Notes in the 1960's. And Congress authorized the Federal Reserve Bank in the early 1900's. Check it out.
    From the Bureau of Engraving in Washington, DC


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