do you think people on here like to laugh?


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    nice, nice

    i think so! like your question! lol!

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    Of course not..

    this site was established for gloomy people to ask gloomy questions, for other gloomy people to offer gloomy answers, and for gloomy comments to add to the gloomy atmosphere. 



    The joy, liveliness and hilarity retired.

    Sad and true.

    Some could now think it's rather gloomy.

    However, I spend most of my time hanging out with a six year old. It's inspiring.

    .......Annndddd.... I think I just realized something. :D

    Have a great day Bobette.

    You, too, dear FISH-O. There are definitely some folks who thrive on negative energy here. I try not to focus on their jabs.
    We have a baby shower coming up for one son, and three weeks later, a wedding for another son. Good times!

    Amazing times. :)

    Yes, amazing.....Grace.
    I'll write soon.

    Congratulations. :)

    ....HA !

    ....any other questions ?

    This a funny place.
    I laugh at QA all the time.. There's some very witty people here.
    whats there not to laugh about.. there would have to be somthing wrong with a person not to laugh
    my faith has been restored. : D
    i have given thumb up all around. but tell me -- is there a limit to thumb up?
    is there a rule to how many questions?
    is there a rule to where you can and can not post?
    is there a rule to what kind of question is appropriate for a response?

    i have never been aware of any rules. i just bobble along without a care.

    unspoken rules, i geuss, the majority of people are cool....keep on keepin on!!!
    I would hope so!!!
    i lmao a lot on Q&A

    A laugh a day helps you work, rest, and play

    Well they watch England play football against Iceland,so they must do,,


    mwahahaha! ;D
    meeeeeeeeeee too.
    Goodness YES..laughter is the best medicine!
    Yup get lots of giggles...some groans!
    Hi can scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the word "About" and the other words thereafter for some information, albeit sketchy info but you can contact admin this way if you have questions although I too pretty much skate along and learn more as I go along and see other contributors comments and answers regarding the rules and regulations of this site. It would be nice though if there was a specific set of rules & regs for all of us to be able to see and hopefully adhere to. Just a thought! (:

    thanks hipster with the long brown hair in a pony tail. there are a few steaks of white and you wonder should i or shouldn't i. you wear glasses on your head and most of the time you wear colorful skirts and soft fabrics. you laugh a lot and have soft feet due to your olive oil treatments.
    i guess i get it. i scrolled to the word "about"
    ole hipster

    See you made me laugh again! (:

    yes.. definitely but not expressed the way it is..

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