do you believe in love at 1st sight?

    Do you believe in love at 1st sight?

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    Yo Spaceghost. It was a pleasure to read what you had to say. It's our loss so please don't stay away too long.


    Spaceghost pop in once in a while to keep us striaght! You will be missed. But hey that means more time for the wife.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    Hey Spaceghost you are a lucky man to find a woman like that. Wish you were not leaving buy, check back b/c of what I heard from akaQA there are many changes coming. Sorry to see you go and hit me up on my email. It is listed under my profile. I got 1 more thumbs up for you for now! Best Wishes my Friend.


    Another thumbs up my friend, My wife that I've been married to for a LONG time was love at first sight, and we're still very much in love today. I'm also writing to tell you goodbye my friend, I'm going to miss you and Pamela, and a few others. I wrote the site and told them about how this site is going down. We got these damn know it ALL COMEDIANS. I see you deal with guns,I may buy some from you,my part time job I'll need it. I'm a soldier of fortune part time now. I've done work for some gov't clients. You can tell that idiot comedian doublehelix that's what SOF means.

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    love at 1st sight usually results in divorce on second glance.

    I believe in strong attraction at first sight but "love" needs to develop as you get to know the entire person.

    ole hipster

    Good answer my friend!

    I'm rather cynical at this pointime, but anything is possible.  Just don't confuse lust with love.....


    You have not seen me yet,,??

    In my best dreams...

    Nope,,sexual attraction that grows into something else,and it never stops growing if you are with the right person..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

    When I'm drunk its always love at first sight, When you wake up in the morning you look over and say to yourself.. ACK! This one is a six beer romance, better than last nights 8 beer romance.

    ....yes, though very rare at lasting.

    Like at first sight, not love.

    It is rare. Lust at first sight is the norm.

    Sure.  It's happened to me several times! 

    You're all wrong.The love of my life was love at first sight and the feeling hasn't diminished after all these years.Far & away the best thing in my life.

    terryfossil 1

    There is always the exception old mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I don't know, never had the experience.

    When i met him I knew I wanted him... when i got to know him I knew I wanted him forever.

    Maybe but not today

    "YES" My son is a product of such a union
    Believe in lust at first sight
    I would say No to this question. Physical appearance,posture,body language,intelligence,etc. are all attributes that you first see when you meet someone. One may be pleased with 1,2, or all of these but love comes after knowing a person. When you can put a person on a pedistal after learning about them and accepting them despite all their little imperfections......That's True Love!

    Well I have heard of it have not had it happen to me so really do not know.

    YES! Love is a very poor word in English. IN English the emotion we feel is not explained.
    In Greek we have "Eros" for sexual "love" or Philos or brotherly "love"

    Yes. Every morning when I look in the mirror I see

    yes, i've done it hundreds of times,

    Yes I do- but it took me a little while to realise it!
    My wife is slightly older than I am! (Toyboy!!)


    yes. but it needs to be a mutual bond on both sides. someone close to your own age.
    especially if its the type of person you've been searching for - for a long time.


    Hi Classylady,why does it have to be persons, close to there own ages, when it comes to falling in Love. It is what heart feels, not age, I think.? Im saying this through personal experience, my husband, is nearly half my age, and we now togeather twelve yrs. By the way, we met on line !

    yes, but it's very stressful and too much to handle

    Yes,but only if its the right person.That once in a lifetime love.I know I have that.

    Yes i imagine love at first site is like instant affection.



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