has anyone actually seen a ghost?

    we see so many shows on t.v. how do we know if its real?

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    Few years back, I was living in a house that actually was hunted. Shadows and strange
    sounds other time. But the most scary thing was the one always had the feeling that someone was by your side the entire time one was in the house. It didn't matter time or day of the week. Sometimes seen people on the corners of a room. The rent was very cheap so we stay there for that reason and that reason only. My girlfriend and I, wife now, were going to college so we couldn't even think to move out. No money. So yes, we have seen ghost and we believe they are among us.

    I don't want to talk about it................eek!  "Go to the light" and point the way.  It works.

    Yes I mentioned it in onother thread she sat on my bed she was only young and it turned out that she was burnt in a fire 300 hundred years ago and the bedroom where I was sleeping was in that very same room she had been burnt to death



    Hi varon no I wasnt afraid at all weird though!lol
    I have seen some thing, not sure what it was, but looked like headless dog, came out of grave yard, crossed road, felt like hair of coat touched my legs. This was many yrs bk, in country village at about 3 am, on my way home from dance. I dont drink, so cant blame that. It didnot really think about what happened, till I reached home, about 4 mins later, as i ran, once indoors, i passed out.!
    I have seen shadows my intire life. TV turning channels, off and on... Phone ringing when it is off the hook, the dryer door closing by itself, a hand on my shoulder, my sister in law thrown across a room from under the covers in bed, my brother having his leg held in the air while laying in bed, my hubby being shocked while laying in bed, ash trays shattering, and hearing my name when no one was there. My daughters moblie above her crib was wound when there was no one in the room,,, We had or house anointed at that piont. Havent had any prob since.. When the kids were litte they both saw and talk to and about a man in a long coat and hat.

    My housemate has seen our spirits, I've only heard them but, they are here...Too many others have seen them, I'm just not sensitive to ghost...

    Not me, but certainly my friend has :)
    I haven't 'seen' a ghost but i did have some scary experiences

    Most older towns will have ghost walks, where you go on a tour to older haunted places in the downtown areas. Maybe you can go on one?
    if it was a real gost how would you see them! even myth busters couldn't prove this
    This wasn't the one I was looking for...

    No !

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