Which museum do you want to visit, or which one do you recommend, and why?

    Which one do you want to visit or which one do you recommend?

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    In the UK... Chartwell House, which isn't a museum in the conventionional sense.

    It was the private home of Winston Churchill, and used in the film "The Twilisght Years" between the two world wars. There is one scene where he shows the view from it to his American wife, Clemmy, who hated the house, in an attempr to explain why he loved it so much.

    The view showed the woods and fields, empty and free... and was the inspiration behind his speech that includes "we shall fight on the beaches................. we shall never surrender". Contary to what is often thought, and is more usual now with men in high office, in wrote most of his own speeches.

    Nothing has been changed, down to the metal bread bin in the kitchen. It is a piece of almost living history like Peterhof Palace outside St Petersberg, which would be my second choice.
    I loved this one too for its science and hands on stuff

    Deutsches Museum
    Museumsinsel 1
    80538 Munich

    This is just heaven for young kids, to get to grips with natureand physics.

    It's so large (like the British Museum) it could take a few days to enjoy all.

    Most exhibition rooms are actually small chambers for experimentation.
    The British Museum is awesome, especially if you like history. It has tons of stuff from all over the world
    I would like to see the Louvre in France, the Eiffel Tower and that is all there.

    Paris won my heart, after many disappointing visits.

    We were "passing through" from one main station to the other and a long time had been allowed, as it is often needed, to cross the city.

    That day it wasn't busy and, instead of dumping us to wait 2 hours for Eurostar, the coach driver took us on a tour of everything you would expect, and a lot that you wouldn't.

    It was a glorious sunny day and he stopped where he shouldn't have, on a bridge over the Seign with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower.

    That day I had to admit it had a top. I'd only seen i8t shrouded from a third of the way up in fog before.

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