How to reset password on Windows 7

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    use Active Password Changer Pro, create bootable USB with theam, boot and follow instructions on screen

     Usually, we can Reset Windows 7 user password in two ways. 
    The first is to change Windows password with another administrator account; 
    The second is to reset the user password with the iSeePassword Windows Password recovery that had been created before you forgot the password. 
    Take Windows 7 for example: 
    1 . You must free download Windows Password recovery in website; 
    2 . Burn the image file onto an blank CD with the burner freely supported by Password recovery ; 
    3 . Insert the CD and reset your password follow step-by-step operation.


    To reset password on Windows 7, we can use the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery tool and I have used it to reset it successfully.

    To get more helpful info, u can search the method source:

    Reset Windows 7 password| With a Password Reset disk that was created before you forgot Password

    And have a try. Follow my steps:
    >>1. Download Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0

    >> 2. Burn your Windows Password Recovery Tool CD.To burn your CD, you'll need a blank CD-R and the .ISO file of Password recovery

    >>3. Put in your newly created CD and remove your Windows password.

    Hope it can help.

    Forget it mate,just download windows 10..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    It is really useful to reset Windows 7 password with the "Ericrtrtw" recommended "Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0"! I have tried it, so amazing!

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