Should a son respect his father

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    Not if the Father has......been a dead beat dad.....been a untrustworthy parent....doesnt show love or affection.....does'nt provide for his family....displays violence in the home....intimidates and out of gaol....
    If a child does'nt experience any of the above,he/she should show the upmost respect to the Father and to the Mother.

    very good pythonlover

    pythonlover, great answer!! best answer of the year, maybe.
    just wanted to say that sometimes health problems or mental problems can keep a dad from contributing enough.
    Respect works both ways.
    He should.
    And so should a daughter!

    Of course, thank you, 6dogs.
    Only if the father is a good one and does not physically, emotionally or sexually abuse the son.

    true respect can only be earned many people confuse fear with respect
    by all means his grandfather as well
    Respect and honor our parents. Yes, That does not mean you, as a child or adult, should do as they do but rather accept the fact that they are your parents. Their values, ideals, life style and position in the culture is theirs. What you like and admire abbot them you can and should emulate in your own life. What you don’t like or admire you have no need to accept in your life. We all have the opportunity to accept or refuse the ways of our heritage.
    He should whatever the father has been like.It is the first commandment with a promise honour your mother and father that your days may be long.Depends if you want a long life.

    My father beat the crap out of his kids almost daily. Should we have respected and honored him for it? Your book needs to open it's mind some.

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