What the best way to get back money(owned) to you without resorting to threats or small claim legal action?

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    I have loaned money to many friends(?). Some give the money back right away….I don’t mind loaning money to them. I always keep notes in my favors book. Some folk disappear forever with borrowed money their deeds are remembered. Some are slow to repay loans but are still around a lot. I’ll nudge a bit here and there…”Payday tomorrow?” “You got bills?” Then I let things slide a bit until I go by their place and “Hey can I borrow your Bike for a day or two while my car is being fixed? The I sell the bike for the money that was borrowed…. I’m sorry a kid rode off on the bike during the sale and I did’t see them. Or if the borrowed money was like $20…can I borrow your blender for a party I’m going to tomorrow. I try to be fair in an unfair situation.
    When it comes to money over $1000.00 do not loan out money that isn’t covered with something of equal or greater value to you. The what ever is worth so much to you is sold to you and the agreement is they can buy it back for the loan paid back +interest for X days and then it is yours. I ended up with an antique chest of drawers for $250.00 that was worth $700.00…and more now. And we are still friends too.
    I'm taking someone to court now for services rendered. A lot of money I might add. But I have to say whenever money is loaned it comes back, usually on time. Your question: Unless your not willing beat the s**t out of them, take them to court.
    put up posters with there mug shots
    That sounds like a job for the biker boys!

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