when a girl is pregnant and with a boy would another baby boy come to you ?

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    Maybe you are older than we think.. (I hope)... Babies are a blessing no matter how they come to you.. Devote your life to this child.. provide a stable home, love, and understanding... your life as you know it is OVER. Dont resent this child for it... Be the best, most educated, involed parent you can be.. no matter what the sex of your baby. IF you are not yet pregnant... HAve a stable relationship, education and and career you enjpy.. you will see a whole world open up for you child that you could not possible give to him without these things... GOOD LUCK!
    In answer to your question 50/50 chance.
    You poor pookie_baaby What have you gotten yourself into?
    pookie-baaby. Babies are great, but a lot of work and responsibility. Take some GOOD advice, and wait til you are older. It will be a much better experience for both you and the baby.
    WAIT, it doesn't hurt to wait.
    lol i wanted a baby

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