Where are the caps with the peak on the back worn by so many young people made? are they seconds from some chinese factory?

    You see so many young ones wearing caps with the peak on the back I just thought I would ask where they come from and I expect educated answers from Coach. Also are the shorts these young people wear that are 3 sizes too big for them over stocked reduced lines?

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    No it"s lets them see were they are going.the reason for the shorts they can put on weight three times more dont have to buy anymore sizes ( not that daft when you think on it")
    It's just a fad. We call them "skippies" around here.
    Its all about keeping up with new trends,and wanting to fit in with what is classed as cool.It is only a fashion statement,this type of dress code will phase out and another new invention will take its place,same as all the wierd and wonderful hair styles that have come and gone.
    nO THE CAPS ARE OK It.s the dropouts who wear them that are backward.

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