Where can I get a left handed screw driver?

    I am having trouble finding a left handed screw driver, I want it to undo the screws I tightened using my right hand driver.

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    from your right hand. just turn it the opposite way.

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    on the shelf at aces hardware next to the "cordless extension cords', behind the "self adjusting crowbars"


    Awesome answer D1. I was looking those very things but I was in the wrong part of the store so I bought a power spackler and an expandable hammer.


    Oh here they are, right under the 34" yardsticks in the measuring aisle.

    Yo Col. Careful, I'm sure your left-handedness (is that even a word) is a curse from the almighty you sinner. I'm over nighting you a left handed Bible. Lol!


    PL...You mean Big Brother doesn't have a sense of humor? That's the most important of all the senses in my book.



    lmao...gotta love the humor here. I'm left handed. I could use a left handed tape measure so I don't have to turn the right handed one around to read it. Would they also be with the self adjusting crowbars?



    "I'm over nighting you a left handed Bible."

    Would that be like playing a record backwards? <shifty eyes=""> disclaimer: NOT A JAB AGAINST THE BIBLE


    CAREFUL COACH you know where that sort of talk got me. I had to stand on the naughty mat, By the way do they have any dead weights at your hardware? I recall when I was instructing recruits in the army we would send someone to the Q store for a long weight (wait) after about an hour they would come back with a stupid look on their face.


    Good to see you`re still with us Colleen. xxxxx


    must have been 2 for 1 day


    nope you find them in the "not all is right isle" ok should have quit why i was a head unlike randy p.

    I have a left and right screwdriver that has a switch on it that allows you to choose the direction you want to turn. My prize tool is my metric adjustable spanner.


    If I made the comment you made to my children robergrist they would say "Get with the program Dad" I suggest you stop playing with your prize tool it can become addictive. Laughter to you.

    Call the white house , they specialize in that .

    Never heard of such a thing just use the one that you have in your left hand I suppose.

    before using increasing the flow on the iv drip of adult beverage is strongly suggested this prevents over torquing with industrial adult tools and other toys. Check warranty information closely

    Thats on the same aisle as the muffler bearings and wire sterchers.

    I know you're not serious PL because there is NO such thing. Righty tighty...lefty loosey.

    Or drink your vodka and OJ with your left hand! LOL

    im selling some on EBAY along with 25 sky hooks a few bags of emery sparks i specilize in that sort of thing along with many of the other guys things that they mentioned pls im trying to keep the price high so i can make a living i can custom make left handed screw drivers you might have seen me on the inventers yesssssssss i won hhe hheeee i beat some stupid heart machine thing and a pathetic power generating magnetic thinginy whatever so look for me on EBAY buy one get one free

    My twin girls are both left handed. I have had to by left handed scissos and pens and stuff like that. he funniest time was when i had to swap round the brake levers on their bikes! And have managed to find left handed DS consols too. So keep looking coz there must be screwdrivers aswell.

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