stupid questions

    do you know any stupid questions, or has anyone asked you a stupid question, if so what is it.

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    People SHOULD ask questions, any kinds of questions. Some people fear asking a question because they think they will look stupid when in fact, they look curious, interested and eager to learn.


    ....many times, I have a keen observation of the obvious.

    I too found myself in the middle of a stupid conversation Leosmami ... 'Apparently' the girl I was talking to had a finger grow right out of the middle of her hand.  Yep.

    ... And the topper girl... Well don't you know she had that too but hers fell of naturally... In medical journals. Yep Yep Yep.

    The first girl I have always refered to "(her name) the liar"... the second girl was, is and will always be "Just Plain Nuts".

    I do, on occasion, ask a question for which the answer is painfully obvious, and I've not taken the moment needed to notice this. That makes for a "stupid" question.

    What was the question....hmmm, so many questions....

    I know Frank Sinatra said something stupid once,,

    If someone askes you a question you consider stupid,it may only be stupid to you because you know the answer,but not to the person asking you the question..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

    Here's one for you: Why doe it always rain on the weekends? First of all, it doesn't! lol

    I had a stupid conversation once.A friend was telling me of a relatives demise,apparantly he died ,and then he had a heart attack.One i overheard on the bus once.(Well call the deceased "Sid")Two men overheard chatting .One says to the other,"cremated Sid on Friday".About ten seconds passed"he died you know"Both true stories!!!!

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