How do I block a domain on hot mail ?? Am useing Linnux as OPS . Windows inst are of no use

    wish to stop a spammer at they change there address evry hour it seems . Blocking and sweeping are a waste of time due to address changes hourly.

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    This company sends most of their spam via .info email addresses as apposed to .com. All you have to do is block all email addresses that end in .info and you'll eliminate the majority of this company's span.

    Yes and does that work if they use aol ,yahoo, hotmail,then I have blocked any friendly mail from those domains.Not good for me at all.Automated progrms change address and domain every hour.Does nothing to stop the mail
    In your Hotmail account click on options at he right top,then click on more options.In the heading Customizing Hotmail click on rules for sorting new emails. Click on the new button

    Step 1 in the first box select Senders Address
    next box select Contains
    last box type grenroomshackseason

    Step 2 What action do you want to apply mark Delete these messages, Then click the Save button

    This is from information from Windows help tech people.

    Good luck!

    To defeat this move the crooks change their domain and address every couple of hours so you will never block them all .It may be automated to change the address even if its only one letter its a new address and it gets through. Thanks no solution here .
    I input the domains name pull up the page of course it's blank click on tools then internet options go to security click on restricted sites the domain name should be already in the box, click add and it should then be blocked at least thats what I did and it worked for me
    Options at the right top in hotmail. Then more options! There should be a (Blocked and Safe list). Add in the (blocked list) just the This will block the domain!
    So no matter what the header is it will not be accepted.


    Sorry, AllenJudy, that doesn't work. I've tried blocking their domain countless times, but they still (and just did) get through.
    gary.... are you retarded??? he wants to block the domain. not just delete the spam.

    blueman.... i get the same shit from them all the time. sweep and sweep.. still comes back. i dont think there is a way to block the domain in hotmail. you might be able to do it from your firewall, if you use one. thats where i would start.

    You know what they do to get around the block? Change the characters each time so it is different. I have yet to find a way to keep them from sending me their crap. I've even sent them back a 'fuck you' in the subject line just to bug them back. From what I've read, they make $10 a day from people opening their email. Wow. I guess, just keep blocking and deal with the creeps who will always beat the system.
    In your hotmail, there should be a tab that says sweep, click on that a screen will drop a you will see a block message that will ask if you want to block domain. I hope this works for you.


    very good thinking except these spamers change thir address on the hour. So by useing sweep you only block the last address which means you get fifty emails from same person and all they have to do is chance one thing in the address . This is not my solution. I have used sweep on one spammer 100 times and still they are back . This advice will not help thanks
    just above the INBOX there's a line of words across the top. check them out for "delete" etc.

    I guess you dont understand : Delete does nothing !!!!!!! Only throws it away for the moment. In one hour they are back!!!!! Blocking everthing after the @ works for two days max example they are back in two days max. Automated programs make it possible to change domains and address hourly and send millions of mail globaly on a hourly basis .Thanks for your effort with a solution. The people who send these mails have a no reply box, opening any link they send lets them put things in your computer or take things away. Let me just say with one spammer I have first blocked the entire address then went back and blocked every thing after the @ each time and they have sent more than 500 mails with new address and domain names every day ,nothing so far stops them. Tried abuse @ and get no where with that.This appears to be hopeless. Truth is I am looking for a ebomb to send, denial of service ,fry their operation,give them a big headache .Only if its legal.

    Here's what I did after I got bombarded. I sent an email and told them I'd spam them if they didn't stop. I put there address in my address book and sent a dozen email to them one after another. It stopped them. Also, another trick might work. Click on "forward" and see the address. Delete everything in front of @ and type in "abuse". Send it to the address that way. It may bring results. Good luck.

    I have tried more than 100 different things including what you suggested.Thanks for trying . I am looking for a way to forward all the porn I get to these people Send one morons crap to another moron .Might get a laugh out of that spam the spamer with porn. I get some farm porn sick twisted stuff I should save it some how and forward it to these idiots be my luck they would send me to jail or put me on some sicko list and brand me for life . Maybe I just surrender . Sad state of affairs this stuff and the people who send it. Bill Time for a adult beverage and to hell with twisted people. Thanks for your help Gary!!!!!!

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