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    dreamed of deceased relatives came back to visit me

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    Hi Nina's Daughter,

    I would ask how long your deceased have been gone and if there may be anything that may have triggered the thought?

    Either way, the dream of the deceased is based on connection. You are still connected to those whom you know .

    When we wrest our body to the bed, we lay the body to symbolically die, nightly. It plays no role in our sleep phase. Lest there are some whose whole body becomes involved in the "script" of the dream.

    During the beginning of the phase, we have already begun entering into the place. because our bodies are alive, we can go into and out of the place; at least, until our bodies regain the open eye and wake from the slumber of it.

    At some point during the slumber, we have entered and can see those who have passed this place because they are also in that place; they just don't have a body to return to. So, we can enter the same place they reside. But, they cannot cross back over into life because they have no body to return to. We do, but we cannot cross over into the gulf; as our time is not yet; we are still alive in a body.

    Also: You did not tell the "story" of what you seen while you were there. Did they give you anything? How did they appear to you?

    Your sister,


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