When you knock on Heaven's door will you have the right ID ?

    I asked a question 'if Jesus knocked at your door would you let Him in' Some answered 'if He had the right ID' What about the other way round. I have my ID. It is writen in the Lambs book of Life

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    This is a lovely question. :)

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    no id need he already knows us

    I Know that. Was simply opening up a debate. Very few on here now on new format. TU for my brother
    Because I accept His son Jesus who died on the cross for me and GOD forgave me of my sins. Thats the right ID.

    Yes randy I have the same ID. All paid for by Jesus Christ.
    I was thinking again about this question. All who are written in the Lambs Book of Life will not need ID. When I go to an event and the person on the door knows me I dont need ID. When I knock on Heaven's door I will hear those words. Come in , your welcome
    God, Jesus The same. You are right. God loves you and Jesus Loves you. As you are.

    The same to a Christian. As you know, I am not a Christian.
    Jesus loves you Colleen

    oopps I have done it now. I said the word Jesus

    That's nice. God loves me more.
    OK. Many many long debates on here over the past few weeks and we are still miles apart . I dont push. I simply keep the question open. All the best
    Based on what ?
    I asked a question 'if Jesus knocked at your door would you let Him in' Some answered 'if He had the right ID' What about the other way round. I have my ID. It is writen in the Lambs book of Life


    My votes are done for the day. I wish you a wonderful one and thank you for the smile!
    If a stranger came to your door would you let him in too live with you?

    I have a relationship with Jesus therefore we are not strangers and when I get to Heaven He will know me and let me in.
    That is my ID.

    I give you a TU for that.
    You asked about heaven not religion. That is my view of heaven and yes, as far as religions go, we are miles apart. : )

    Religion comes in many forms. I am a Born again Christian.

    Again, the question pertained to heaven, not religion. No religion owns heaven no matter what it thinks.
    What do you mean based on what? Based on the fact I exist which means I am Soul. A creation and particle of God. I exist because God loves me and because He loves me, He knows me. No mixed up religion can take that fact from me no matter how hard it tries.
    My soul is my ID. I'm good to go : )
    God loves you Jesus loves. Yes but still might not let you into Heaven.

    I'm not worried. I'm very secure in the knowledge that he will : )
    depends how you define an ID entry to heaven, i'm thinking mine would be about now a little bit unfinished, actually a lot needs to be done in order to make it perfect, oh, but you can't have a perfect ID to heaven, there ought to be some black dots that are not wiped out, no human is perfectly unsinful, no matter how good of a person you might think you are, because the guy next street thinks your a total scumbag, why would he, did you forget to smile when passing him, did you try not to smile because you thought your better than him, just because your dressed up good, neat and tidy and he was just an old run out guy on the streets. or because your skin color and body are better than him. hmmm i think in some ways were all sinful, SMILE FOR ALL AND LOVE FOR ALL. YAY, THE LESSON IS TO ALL HUMANS ON THIS SITE TO NEVER THINK YOUR BETTER THAN ANYONE, you never know if god loves them more.

    Lilly you can have a free entry to Heaven right now. Give your life to Jesus and because He died for my sins and yours when we accept this and ask Him to forgive He will do that and your name will be in the Lambs book of life. Hope I am not preaching at you but only trying to answer the best I can

    i'm always asking for forgiveness, everyday, i'm not handing my sins to jesus to erase only, that would be meaningless, it's the good things that you do after you repent that erase the past sins, handing it all to jesus and thinking it's over, that's absurd.

    Not absurd. Thats why He went to the Cross for us. He took all our sins on Himself. Good works before or after repentance wont get us to Heaven. Only giving all to Jesus will work. He said. 'I am the way. No man can come to the Father but by Me'

    LOL, okay so my wording came out bad, i should've said stupid, so your saying that for example: a Man who who have sinned all his life, stealing, assaulting and other major stuff, and all his life he has never cared about god, and on his dying bed, few days before he dies, what he does is ask out of nowhere, a being that he had never gave an inch care about in his whole lifetime, ask him for forgiveness for his sins and put them in a tiny box, and hand that box to jesus, then ka-boom, all the sins and the bad things he had done in life are gone, magic, he is to enter heaven. ??? NOw that's stupid and totally unfair on SO MANY scales. unless that's not what you are trying to say here?
    Does it matter?

    No, it doesn't : )

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