Did you ever have to say you were wrong?

    Well, I’m wrong, your right , I’m sorry.

    Seems I have upset some on here by saying “I’ll pray for you," Colleen, Grit.

    Also some by signing, Love, Randy

    Kinda gets insincere, even if that's not what I meant.

    So I prayed about this and more, wile talking to God He let me know I was wrong.

    He ask “how would feel if someone said that to you, if they didn’t agree with you and what you believe”.

    I had to say I would be offended.

    I think I’m right, but if you don’t, unless you ask for payer or help I won’t offer any.
    I may offer my believes as a way of help to new or unknown people, no pushing.

    Only if you attack my God, Jesus, Holly Spirit, I will respond and state my believes.

    I’m am revengeful by Voting TD because I was voted TD, YES, I did reversed that.

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    country bumpkin

    Randy, You can tell me you love me and will pray for me anytime you like.
    Headless Man

    Love and prayers your way....

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    I've been back to the top of the list twice. I'll have another go.

    Colleen may not be religious, or not the way you see it?

    Signing "Love Randy" depends where you are. American friends regard it as a nomal name. In the UK "randy" means over-sexed.

    After that, you lose me until you say you voted down... crossly presumably, and voted back up. Sorted... except it left you -10.

    You don't sound any more wrong than most people to me... if you are, I forgive you, because God has... you prayed about all this.

    After all that,and there was a lot of "that", I forgot to answer the question.

    Yes, I've had to say "I'm sorry, I was wrong". Who hasn't, if they are honest... and courtious?

    It's been tomorrow a long time over here. Goodnight x
    Headless Man

    AS it worked out, I didn't reverse my TD because when I went to do it Colleen her karma the link and all was gone.

    You mean you left her marked down?

    Just find another of her answers from her profile and mark that up, with a comment to explain why.

    Better still, find three of her answers and vote them up... she'll understand why if you comment just one of them.

    I'm sure you can find three you agree with... often she will just provide a useful web link for the questioner.

    I think that could be considered sorted :-)

    Don't worry so much... I've voted up your answers in the past, when I agree, and I expect I will again.
    Headless Man

    I did fine other answers to vote up on, but to late I'm afraid.

    Maybe not, if she really is back. I haven't seen her answer anything, but I haven't been signed in long.
    I'm married, of course, several times a week whether I believe it or not. Harmony is what it's all about.
    We are all human and mistakes will be made. So, when I'm wrong I admit to the mistake so I can make things right.
    Well I suppose we all have to admit we're wrong sometimes, and may not like having to do it, but it shows humility and usually ends up somewhere around growth. It's only human,"To error is human, but to forgive is divine."

    We all make mistakes and hopefully we all have learned from them. I think that It's a difficult thing to admit and I respect the fact that you posted it. Thumbs up on the question.

    It is actually a liberating feeling to allow yourself to admit it and move on.
    To admit you are wrong is to admit inperfection, to humble ones self to keep peace is a virtue, not a liability.
    never had to say it but i did admit i was wrong
    Not trying to keep this question going, but I just wanted to add that I know Randy's intentions were good. As a Christian I can understand wanting to show people the love of God. I understand that someone with good intentions who says,"I'll pray for you," can be mistaken by someone who doesn't want it, it may even be offensive to that person.

    Just try to understand that when a Christian say's,"I'll pray for you," that it's meant as help, that's how we help each other as a Christians. It's not meant to be a judgment or an insult. It's almost an instinctive to do as a person of faith.

    My point is I have a lot of Christian and non-Christians friends. Sometimes when a person get offended, it's not because that persons intentions were to offend us. The reason why people get offended is because of their perception of what another person said. It's their own translation. It has nothing to do with the original intentions of the statement, it has to do with how we personally relate...

    Now sometimes people mean to offend us and we are offended. I just wanted to say that I believe that wasn't the case here.
    Wow, Randy! Yes, I've had to say I am wrong before and it's not easy! TU for having the guts to say it!
    lots of times noone can never be wrong.well done for saying you were sorry.hope colleen gets to hear of your apology and comes back.
    All the time. Its my WIFE who's NEVER said it. :(
    When I feel bad for hurting someone or doing something I should not have done I only start to feel good again after I say sorry. Thats when the healing starts. For us who are Christians we start by saying sorry to God and we ask Him to forgive us. It should be the same when we wrong others in life.

    Wise answer f.i.
    I feel bad about Colleen leaving too,but can not say Im sorry for praying anyone would find salvation.Im taught to pray for my worst enemies.I think I would be a Judas if I did that. Colleen and I started on the wrong foot but I respected her and miss her.Im still praying for her and others on this site
    I don't think you were wrong,you as a christian saying I'll pray for you is who you are,Jesus wants us to pray for others,it's almost like saying I apologize for loving god,not that that is what you meant by saying that by any means,but never feel as though you have to apologize for the non believers,your faith is very real,and your love is very strong for Jesus,let it shine through always,for those that are offended ''let them be'',your not a bible thumper or a Jesus freak,your just a man who truly serves and genuinely loves the Lord,I can really appreciate that,and our father does to.:)
    I have to admit, here, infront of everyone, that I am wrong at least twice a year, sometimes three times (leap years).
    Admitting that I am wrong whenever opposed is a form of mental Judo. The opponent takes a swing at me verbally expecting a regaling response. Instead the attack is brought forward and lightly guided into the flip.
    If you watch how I handle attacks I think you may find value in it for yourself. First collapse under the attack admitting fault and amplifying the undeserved thumping by repeating their accusations back as your own. Then guide the direction into the deeper realms of its apparent intention. The attacker has pent up anger, self hatred, denial and resentment of anyone that they have admired or feel inferior to and the target does not meet their expectations. Failing to meet or exceed the expectations of others draws attacks. I refuse to be a know-it-all or play a consistent roll. Life is filled with the unexpected and I ain’t dead. I like the unexpected and my unexpectedness is usually intended as humor.
    My Wife is always right and I'm never
    My mistake was telling her that I was praying for her. The bible says to go to the closet when you pray, I could pray for anyone in private.

    dont beat yourself up if it was done out of chritian love you have done your best
    Headless Man

    Thanks, dwayne
    God told me to post the apology and I couldn't wait to do it and never felt better.
    Don't tell me I don't have a personal relationship with him, when I pray about something he responds.
    Sorry I didn't get this up sooner, we were on the road for a couple days and had so little time.
    Colleen has stepped back? I can't believe I had much to do with her decision, probably an accumulation of things.
    But still feel bad, she did make a lot of good comments.

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