Does anyone have Tinnitus(ringing in ears)

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    <a href="/users/7951/ann/">@Ann</a>, I left a link to a website that can help with this problem, check it out below, If you like it let me know. I'm giving you a thumbs up for you relevant question, thank you for your insight.


    Thank you for the info Ann. I am going to try the melatonin. :)

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    I've had this for years, I have just learned to live with it, I almost am able to forget its there sometimes. But if someone has a voice of a certain pitch I can't hear them unless I ask them to speak up. Then times when someone says something about it seems to get louder, like

    Randy I think it was the rattle of your Harley that caused your problem. A goldwing would have saved you all this sound.LOL
    Headless Man

    You know your right, but we worked on bikes in a metal shop and you should heard the roar of that V-twin in

    Randy, I did alot of Research on Tinnitus. On one Forum a Woman wrote when she went to a Psychatrist
    because of Depression and Stress, her Tinnitus
    diappeared. I do no know what Drug he gave her, she did not say. She wrote this 2 yrs. ago.
    Headless Man

    I'm on so many drugs now, don't want more.
    If you do a search there is a site that will let you duplicate the sound on your computer so you can show others what you hear there is a small charge but it works.

    Hearing the roar of that V-twin was good at the time but paying good for it now.

    It is very annoying to him. It never stops. Interferes with every aspect of his life.
    Hi Ann, could you answer some more questions, I like to return the favor when someone votes me up by reading their answers and voting up the ones I think are good. Problem is you haven't answered in a while. Anyhow thanks for the t.u. thumbs up...

    Sorry Leeroy. It has been a while since I asked that Question and have not checked on the answers.
    This review concentrates on the effects of low frequency noise (LFN) up to 100 Hz on selected physiological parameters, subjective complaints and performance. The results of laboratory experiments and field studies are discussed in relation to the thresholds of hearing, of vibrotactile sensation and of aural pain. The effects of LFN may be mediated trough different ways.

    Thanks Leroy. I did read the study on college students. This is to prevent Tinnitus in the first place by wearing protection. Unfortunately for people who already have Tinnitus, there seems to be no cure as of yet.
    I just go to sleep with the TV on and it don't bother me.
    Headless Man

    Ann, Thanks for your +-+-+-vote, I think

    i do the same thing randy.

    Playing soft music when going to sleep helps somewhat.
    I do, it doesn't bother me too much until I am in a quiet room (like now) or trying to go to sleep. In the summer the AC usually covers up the noise.

    I did not realize how many people on this site are dealing with this. I am glad you find relief, when going to sleep with the AC on.
    Randy I know about the certain pitches that you talk about. W have certain machines at work that can reach that pitch every now and then, People don't know why my mood changes almost instantly from good to bad but it really drives me nuts when that happens. Thanks Ann and anybody else who have researched this, I couldn't find anything worthwhile

    Low frequency vibrations are use by HAARP, did you see the harp questions we had?

    Supposedly this effects the human brain a some level, could be why peoples moods change with certain frequencies. Interesting stuff.

    Ill look harp questions up, yes interesting

    HAARP could be part of the problem, after doing more research. I wonder what else they are doing without us knowing about it.

    Yes have had it for a few years now. sucks...


    My friend,{male} has had it for 8 yrs. He has been to Specialists,
    Tinnitus Clinic in Boston, MA. A Hearing Specialist gave him a
    Hearing Aid. It did not work. It is so bad-24 hrs a day it has
    chanched his Life for the worst.


    JDB, this is a nationwide Epidemic. 40 Million People suffer from
    Tinnitus. In some cases People had to quit theire Jobs and some
    actually comittet surcide. There needs to be alot more Research done.


    I was told they couldn't do much for me just have to learn to live with it, I run a fan at night. About the only time it bothers me now is in complete slience.


    yes I know.. TV on low watching the race. on the puter, and in the backround.... the ring......yup just gotta to try to learn to ingore it,, cause it sucks if you don't, Thanks Ann

    yes because of 7.62 rounds, and 81mm mortar rounds


    Sorry to hear that You must have been in the war in the Middle East

    Interesting Ann, I have a slight ringing in my ears that sometime is more noticeable, but mostly I just learned to ignore it. I'm sure it's worse for other people who have a more serious case than I do.

    Thanks for looking into something that will hopefully help quite a few people, that's generous of you.

    If it only slight than you schould wear ear protection if you are around noise, It will get much worse if you do not.

    William Shatner or better known as "Captain Kirk," had that same problem maybe you could research what treatment he may have found to help with this problem. I also will check into it because I enjoy this condition as well.

    I found a link that is all natural and has a 100 percent result rate:


    gonna check that out thanks


    Leeroy, I have spent Days researching Tinnitus. You can google Tinnitus Forums. No one has ever been cured. I am a little leary about tinnitus
    iracle, because everyone with Tinnitus would be cured by now I will do some more Research on it and let you know if anyone has tried it

    I found no evidence that tinnitus-miracle has cured anyone. thanks leeroy for mentioning it
    I agree with Randy Palmer. You have to have some kind of noise to try and block it out.

    My Mom suffers from it.


    That is quite a annoying thing to have.

    I have heard her complain a few times. I would go mental! She seems to handle it well.I don't know her secret.
    Way to many machines around, and Leeroy is correct imo, my mood changes on days the USAF chemtrails the area I live.

    Someone should get a 7 million dollar grant to study if domestic violence goes up during chemtrail days vs the way the sky is supposed to look (Blue). I bet it does.

    Do you really believe the Government is covering up?
    Roger Willcoe

    US is producing some 560 million pages of classified information a year. That's over 1,500,000 per day, doesn't sound to up front with the people. If we're really under such threat wouldn't it benifit the people to know what we're up against. How much power could be achieved by keeping so many secret? Yes, I think when a figure head is elected he goes in a room full of thugs and is told what agenda he will be pushing or else and then starts getting scripts from think tanks full of people who get their thinking points from other think tanks that are working 50 to several hundred years out. There are alot of very smart people contrary to the govt. heads that keep the masses divided by pointing fingers and waving flags. Nothing has happened by accident for thousands of years. There are many dry boring books no one reads that have been writen by many of the actors that contributed their part through secret societies throughout history to move the people in to this pen. The first thing they had to do is invent money so they could form armys. That's the lock on their power. Now (most) people couldn't live without it. Those cultures that still dont need it at this point are being drawn in by shinny cool objects (sure, a better life for their family, move off the land, stores right down the street, kids can go to school and be programmed how not to "critical think") or bombed into a McDonalds buying culture by their new masters for total world control. After a few generations people no longer know how to do things for themselves. Think of all the things your grandparents knew how to do that have been lost. People have been dug from the earth and domesticated. The knowledge of nature their ancient ancestors possessed has been hidden away for their masters use only little by little. Tired of typing...Thanks for asking Ann

    I agree with you. 30 years ago I never heard of anyone having Tinnitus. Chemicially altered crops, Microwaves and Chemtrails are causing diseases we never heard of before. They are downsizing the population!
    anyone ever see the commercial " quietrelief " ?
    It is 1 of my Q's

    No, sorry, have not seen it.

    I am really glad that I am not alone.  That is not saying I am happy about anyone having this problem... I just thought it was one more odd thing that I have to live with! :)


    You are one in 2 Million People who suffer from Tinnutus.As long as it does not interfere with evereything you do,its just an annoyence. There is no cure as of yet. Someone told me, Melatonin has helped him alot, just recently. But My Friend has not tried it yet and will let you know when he does. He has a severe case of Tinnitus, that interferes with his life on a daily basis like moodswings on and off. They do advertise Tinnitus Miracle and Quietus for curing Tinnitus, but is never helped anyone that I know of.

    only when I listen to music tooo loudly.


    You schould not turn your music up that loud. It will cause tinnitus eventually.

    It is when I am working in the yard or with power tools. I dont realize I have it on so loud.

    I " think " I,ve always had it, when I was delivering milk in my schooldays they called me wattie,ie,what ? eh?, I think at the time my brain hadn,t adjusted to it and anyway I thought it was normal, I thought everybody was the same, only came to light a few years back when I went to a rock concert with my daughter (her treat to me) and it totally deafened me for 4 days,went to docs and discovered I,ve got tinitus,WELL tell me something I didn,t know for F***S sake I said, everybody has it said I , no said doc it,s a genuine mediical condition which you have, ok said me, What? Eh? never goes away,brain conditions itself well though,CAN YOU TELL???


    Answer the bloody `phone you stupid wee man.
    I have been trying to call you for bloody years. Och Aye!

    Ramos, most people think its exposure to loud noise. It is a medical condition that no one knows how to fix it. My friend tried everything. Nothing worked. Its a desperate situation. Some people have it so bad, that they had to quit theire jobs. Until they find something that really works, its just an experiment right now. So sorry you are inflicted with.

    Yes. I had it, and told the doctor that I had ringing in my ears. He laughed at me and said "don't answer it."


    Really? Are you joking?

    What worries me is all the youth that will have this because of listening to there Mp3 players too loud,


    Randy, when one of my sons was a teenager, he constantly listened to loud music and later on worked on machines and he does not have Tinnitus. The young people today are constantly exposed to noise, playing Videogames, listen to loud musik and TV. Tinnutus may become an epidemic in the near future.
    Headless Man

    I didn't get it until I was in my 50s.

    30's for me... probably from listening to Pearl Jam way up loud!
    Headless Man

    Cant imagine Pearl being louder than a Harley V-twin in a metal

    I am blessed with the Tinnitus problem too.  Don't think loud music etc. is stated to be one of the causes.  My understanding is that loud music can lead to hearing loss.  Not Tinnitus.  But I'm not an expert.   I've heard that there are several suspects that are involved including high blood pressure.


    Yes, the have mentioned high blood pressure, Also not to drink alcohol.

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