Are You Holding Onto Something You Need To Let Go Of?

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    Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to :-)
    Sometimes I hold on to success from the past and compare my situation to how successful I have been, and beat my self up over decisions that I have made. I think a lot of people do this?

    I guess it's the way of life :-)

    I think to many people hold on to relationships to long, when they know it won't work out over time, they decide to stay in the relationship, not wanting to be alone.

    Personally I don't do this anymore, I have learned from my mistakes.
    ed shank

    Leeroy, At one time I made a ton of money, then got stupid and literally lost every dime. A little bit of luck got me back on my feet and life is good again. I can't comment on a bad relationship issue that part of life has always been good. Don't beat yourself up, your not alone.

    Thanks Ed, I appreciate the kind words. Yes I'm hoping to get back in the black again, it's extremely frustrating being in the red at times.

    It's just taking much longer than I thought it would. All we can do is hang in there and keep trying, and praying...
    I hope you aren't watching me! :)

    What would you do if you had to sneeze :-)

    Turn my head

    I believe you put your hands to your mouth when you sneeze, have a good day :-)
    Seems like a rather personal question to me. :o)

    This is a general question. Not Personal!!!

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