we just got married and she is just 2 months pregnant but ,she seems to be always sleeping leaving me to do all the house duyies ,do i have any reason to believe that she is lazy?

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    No. Pregnancy causes many symptoms of which one is sleeping more than usual. Her body is adjusting to being pregnant. The first trimester is always the hardest. Being sleepy has nothing to do with her loving you or being lazy. It is a part of being pregnant. She is carrying another human being inside of her body. She has to feed and carry the baby for nine months and the baby receives nourishment thru your wife's body and the food that she eats. She is now feeding and carrying two bodies, herself and a little baby. So why would you think that she is lazy and what will it hurt you to do the house work while she is pregnant? Getting pregnant involved you so why not involve yourself in being a part of everything else like house duties. Just be thankful that you cannot be a part of her morning sickness, excessive weight gain, emotional roller coaster rides, monthly ob/gyn visits, contractions, labor pain and child birth because if you could I am sure she would gladly switch places with you while she stays awake and does ALL the house duties. Enjoy your wife during her pregnancy and whatever time you have with just the two of you because when the baby is born your lives and schedules will never be the same. Enjoy and don't think bad of your wife..ever.
    Do the dishes and stop Bitching. Let her sleep. Just pray that your child is healthy when the time comes. If she shows signs of Laziness after birth have sit-down.
    Hey every woman and every pregnancy is different. Lots of times women are very very sleepy all the time during pregnancy that does not make one lazy,, it is just a fact.
    At least she isn't nagging you.
    SOrris then , I guess my answer is stupid :S awh well i'm no girl, should've left it for the girls..... i'll keep away next time :)

    Promise .... :)
    Yep , two months pregnant is no big deal, really , she shouldn't be that lazy, always sleeping. Loving wives always try their best...hardworking...PLus too much sleeping is no good :)

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