If you had three wishes, what would they be?

    This is just for fun, so no bible-type answers please.

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    19 Answers

    1: I wish I could soar like an eagle.
    2: I wish I was wise as an owl.
    3: I wish I could sing like a mocking bird.

    The best of an amazing bunch. Thank you, Flip
    1. Rid the world of wars.
    2. Stop greed.
    3. Do at least 1 good deed a day.

    I like that, Maz!

    Your sister,

    That there be a cure for cancer
    That our next President will make this counrty great again
    A miracle for my mini-dachshund,that would cure his kidney disease.

    Love your second wish. :)

    That's sad... the third one... but different, thoughtful.

    Thank you suliz. I love him to death. I wont know what to do witout him.

    TSC, I know you do. Thank you
    1. Money
    2. More money
    3. Lots and lots and lots of money

    Money is a wonderful tool. The more I have the more good I can do.

    love it!!!!

    Thanks :-)

    Also greedy... but thumbs up for making me smile :-)
    three more wishes

    hehahehe :) good one.

    Greedy :-)

    id rather think of it as resorceful

    Very resourceful, which is why I gave her TU. Think of what she would to with all the money :-)

    true but you dont know what i'd be wishing for
    1. to be magic....thats all i would need!

    Power corrupts us all eventually, to err is human and we humans err alot. Magic may seem an answer, but what would you do with it.

    all good, of course.

    "all good of course" I can so believe that ;)

    1.i wish to be magic. 2.i wish i could never make anyone else magic. 3.i wish i could do all good with the power of magic by granting everyone 3 wishes,as long as they dont use there wishes for anything bad, such as wishing to be magic.
    1. Ask all the people that I hurt, to forgive me.
    2. To forgive all those who hurt me malisciously.
    3. To give my all to those in need when I give it.
    health money and good person

    I'll give you a thumbs up, but you have to change the order :-)

    People should come before money, especially someone you love who loves you too.
    1.That I wake up tomorrow. 2.Quit smoking Tomorrow 3. My wife doesn't have a "Honey Do" list tomorrow.

    Are you still with us? TU in case you are.
    Have you tried patches?
    We always call men something nice when we have a "to do" list, especially if it's a list of things you should have done... even if we didn't SAY we wanted them done :-)
    ed shank

    My meds don't allow me to do the patch thing. I have Atrial fib and the patch can cause an irregular heartbeat in some people. Everything on the list, your right is overdue.
    1. To find a genie every day. 2. To have my genies find a genie every day. 3. To have all the genies ask me what my 3 wishes are.

    The sheer sneakiness of some of you lot for having more than three wishes takes my breath away. TU
    To do well in what is given me to do..
    To influence the masses for memories sake...
    To live a dream that lasts forever. ((but only if it's worth living))

    Your sister,

    I wish for tolerance around the globe.

    I think all things could fall into place if we loved and respected one another.  "We can work it out" :)

    Be able to master the English language.
    Know the meaning of every word in a Websters Dictionary.
    Have an exceptionally large P*NIS.

    Why did I KNOW when I saw you in the list of notifications you couldn't manage THREE respectable ones?

    I suppose I should be pleased with two. Before you began the great REFORM all three would have been awful.

    Your English is better than a good many. That is not saying much, present company excepted, but there you go.

    Knowing the meaning of a word is easy... look it up in your dictionary... wish granted. (You don't need to know all of them and there are some you should forget... I won't remind you in case you have.)

    Is * supposed to communicate without offence? It succeeded, since you could have said something much worse... but read WISH 3 carefully... it implies that at present IT is small, and I'm right out of fairy dust.

    My #1 and #2 requests mean I would love to posses the knowledge to do both.

    My #3 request is legitimate. I believe most men wished they had a big WONKER. I'm no different. :(

    Do they? One lives & learns.

    Do they? One lives & learns.

    1. Perfect health

    2. Never age > always look 25

    3. Unlimited wishes

    Sometimes wishes come true.

    I wished for lots of answers, just for fun, and this is the third time I've popped in and found a list of notifications :-)

    Nobody has quite matched Flip, but some of have come close... and everybody has entered something worth reading.

    I suppose I'd better come back tomorrow, just in case more TUs are required.
    Hi folks

    I'm back, as promised.

    The winner has to be Flip, it really does.

    Lots of TUs for other really good answers.

    Thank you for joining in.
    Lovely. Keep going and I'll mark the best answer, and TU all the good ones.

    It may be tomorrow. It's tomorrow now in the UK, but I will come back and look... promise.

    I wish I could keep my eyes open a bit longer...
    I wish I could sing in tune.
    I wish you all what you wish for yourselves.

    Goodnight x

    1. Let me have lots of money

    2. Let humans fly

    3. Let us be invisible when we want to

    1. good knowledge

    2. good health

    3. 3 more wishes

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