what is the most common Human fear?

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    to loose my family. Could not go on without them
    The Future.
    Waking up dead.

    lol I hope you meant this as a joke because it doesnt make any sense :p
    ed shank

    Dying in your sleep and waking up in hell.

    you have confidence in going to hell already? yeah it's funny, how someone would think they are going to heaven and that they are good, and when they die, they find themselves in hell... lot of explaining to do..

    I would think that Osama is dealing with something like that if there really is an afterlife. First he would be wondering where Allah is then where in the fk is my virgins I was promised and why is it so damn hot in here, i mean like hey! I am used to the hot desert sun but this is fkn hot.... Am I in hell by chance??

    thanks ed for the clarification. :-)
    Fear of Death, taxes, relationships or commitment, being a victim of a crime, fear of your children being hurt, etc. there are quite a few fears, the best thing to do is not to concentrate on them.

    It's much better to be prepared for as many of these things as possible.
    BUGS. YIKES!!!
    ed shank

    Tough chick like you from NYC. Their probably scared shitless of you.
    Ms Sinclair

    That's why I'm afraid of them. I used to live in a first floor apartment and once, as I sat in the dark watching tv, I felt something crawling up my leg. At first I thought I was imagining things but I wasn't. Turned out that there were, not one, but two large water bugs in my room. Yuck! I can't stand those things.
    public speaking
    I am afraid of how the world is going to be for my children and their children to grow up in. I'm really concerned for them.
    "the unknown"
    Headless Man

    That's what I was going to say, my wife is going through that now.
    i'm so afraid of reptiles, snakes, lizzards .... so afraid. i don't even like to write the word. if i suspect they're going to be one on tv i quick change the chanel or cover my eyes. it is terror. real terror. i read in a psychology book that fear of public speaking was the #1 fear. Not for me!
    country bumpkin

    Itsmee, what is that thing slithering up next to your foot?

    country bumpkin, I will tell you a story a little later. right now i have to attend to stuff like organizing my drawers. i swear it was very much like your comment ... but worse. later.
    "Fear of flying" by Erica Jong
    ed shank

    The older I get the worst the fear gets. Last time I drank six pitchers of beer and took eight XanaX prior to getting on the plane. Sucks.

    I hope you sat close to the can.
    Here are the Top 10 Fears:

    No. 1 is fear of Public Speaking!!!!!
    Fear of Rejection!!!
    Being torture is more less fear that I have, prefer quick death.
    Other humans..

    I'm sorry, are you human??? :)

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