Why Do You Think Some People Wish Death Upon Others?

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    Good question Pam.

    Thanks, My Friend! xoxo

    Hi Pamela that one slipped away it was hiding from me, miss you perhaps one day you will get this who knows! oxoxoxo

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    People who say things like that are they really serious? If they are serious, do they have "issues"? Or is it just a new way of venting?

    I would never wish death upon someone, when you wish something bad towards someone, it would come right back to you.

    and visa-virsa...thats karma!
    If you watch Glen Beck on fox, you will see how young the Arabs start teaching their kids to hate Jews. It's very prevalent in the Arab culture, Like Daren said revenge or jealousy is a big part of it.

    ed shank

    Jews,I'm starting to believe are suffering from a similar disorder of "battered wives syndrome". What is it going to take to rid this evil surrounding them? We all know what form of retaliation must be applied. Nuclear. Do it now, first strike always has the advantage.

    I think Israel should bomb Iran. All these countries signed the agreement not to develop nuclear weapons, and here they are just doing whatever they want now. Pakistan, India, N.Korea, Iran, Syria, and others are just breaking the agreement they signed after WWII.

    If you nuked one country I doubt any others would follow in their footsteps, lol.

    Jealousy is crueler than the grave!!!
    I'm guilty. I wished DEATH on Osama Bin Laden and MANY other terrorists.
    Why? JUSTICE!

    Is it really justice?

    It will have to do for now.
    With the exception of terrorists, I've never wished death on anyone, but by the same token, upon their demise I felt no remorse. Knowing that their frying in hell, does bring a bit of warmth to my heart.

    I have never wished anybody dead or that evil visit them but on the same side of the coin, should something ill-fated happens to them, I do not mourn....

    To wish someone usually said in the heat of the moment or if a person has been hurt,betrayed.
    Jelousy and revenge have a lot to do with it.
    I think in all of us there a bit of evil,some more than others,
    We see threw our history were known to be like animals,the strongest survive,though now we have advance in technology,but seem like were no further in civilization,history is been known to repeat it self,now that men is capable of self destruction,one man can obliterate a whole city.So then it prove the Bible is correct,
    men will self destroy himself.
    I think more out of hurt, anger, and thereby resulting in one to keep dwelling on it results in hatred. But wishing death on someone is really like the old saying of you drinking the poison and hoping the other person dies from it. It really avails no harm to the other person, but more to yourself I think.
    jealousy or some way to spill out their anger rudely.

    never have wished anyone dead what goes around comes around!

    What goes around comes around - be careful what you wish for!
    may be because something in life we don't things

    I don't understand what you mean?

    I dont understand the meaning either. Not good to wish bad on anyone, it will come bk to you, What goes around, comes around.

    Maybe,sometimes in life we don't think.

    I know of one person who has done this.  He has an evil streak inside.

    To wish someone usually said in the heat of the moment or if a person has been hurt,betrayed.
    Jelousy and revenge have a lot to do with it.
    I put a curse on my daughter-in-law.

    Some one put a curse on me. It worked. I think he was pure evil. Wish I could talk about it.
    What did you daughter-in-law do?

    She's nasty, believe me. I have not done anything to her. I have always bit my tongue and never retaliated. I never gave advice in fact we didn't hang around to much. But she thought I should be working and cleaning her house like her mother does. Minding the grand kids full time. I said no, but I agreed on one day a week. Her mother lives around the corner. We live over 60km away. I am already minding another son's kid 24 hours a day. It's a lot of work. I'm too tired to travel daily. Anyway, the worm turned, she became too demanding. My son says she's a controller. I had a go at her after she screamed at me for not working in her house. We are not allowed to see the grandchildren at all. We don't go to their house very often. If we do, she takes the babies and goes out until we leave.

    becouse they have enimes i have alot of enimes becouse there are all ways bad people evry where ecsept the mousq and the church

    it goes back to sex and food and they are probably denied and or envious and afraid that whoever is going to have more and be more powerful or lack of sex or money

    I believe in an eye for an eye - you kill an animal and ill wish death upon you !

    Some people wish death upon others because they haven't got a prayer.

    If they had a prayer it would be fear-based and totally void of faith in the God who breathed into us our first breath and shall take back unto himself, our last.

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