What will you do after you make it into heaven? Or whatever afterlife you believe in?

    Infinite means infinite. That means that even the most high beings will even now never stop advancing. There is no top and there is no bottom. So, what will you advance to? Can you think of something? Just basking in the light of god is not an answer.

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    Prepare for my next lifetime in the physical world.

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    Thank Jesus for making it possible for me to be with Him in Heaven

    I think I would like to float around for a while and see what I can see.  Five or six days of that and I know I will think up a new project and want to get back to work. 

    My first stop will be at the Donut table at the garden party ,then a jovial round of golf with everyone,perhaps a little jaunt over to Nuvo or the Pleaideas ,and then a quick trip to spook some folks back on the planet and then it'll be time to whip back off to that planet that's hiding behind the Sun to do a bit of festive intervention of the partying variety and then I'll pop in on Krishnamurti to see if he's stopped talking yet,followed by joining in at a myriad of feasts and celebrations  and then the next day............!!!


    Never thought of the golf, my shoulders will be back to their best, I play off 9,can I come with you?

    Medal tees I hope,I don,t like U2 so we'll leave Bono in the clubhouse, Mr A Cooper will be better competition for us paired with the talented Annecka Sorenstam.
    Good foursome, looking forward to it.

    I have only Putt-Putt or Mini-golfed. However, I am fairly sure I call scream "four" rather loudly! LOL! You may here me quote form the movie Caddie Shack too. A silly movie- but it was a 'cult' classic amongst my friends years ago!

    Excellent. Now how do we convince Romos to play mini-golf with us??? I know, we'll let him get drunk-LOL

    Probably hang out with Joseph, and all the patriarchs. Maybe go explore the Universe, visit some distant planets, maybe scare some aliens?

    Eat what ever I want and not worry about gaining any weight. Walk the streets paved in gold, go to some friends houses, play cards maybe some board games.


    Yes, its all good to go out and have fun on the weekends, but how will you work to advance yourself. There must be thousands of subjects to pursue in places of learning. There must be all kinds of cultures too. Maybe celestial anthropology? Maybe Spirit Particle Engineering? Interstellar government administration?


    Oh Mindblade 16 who would want to do all that when you could just have a good time.

    There's no eating in heaven. Sorry. We won't need organs , so we won't have any stomach or sexual organs. No procreation. That's for earth

    Ye of little faith mycatsmom. Heaven is a place where you can do anything at all. Sex is not just about babies. You're OLD enough to understand that. Loosen up. You're so tight I have to wonder if you enjoy life at all.

    to Colleen> > > read " 90 Minutes in Heaven "

    I am certain, based upon divine revelation that I will be eternaly engaged in meaninfull and challinging employment in the eternal kingdom of God. 

    Unpack all the excess baggage I've been carrying all my life, dump it in a skip if there are any, then start afresh.



    Yes and we'll hire caddies and pay them in gold and we'll be able to have as many brews as we please without ill effect and we'll invent the course as we go along so it'll be cosmic man...and the clubhouse too!!It will be a smash and Bono will beg to do concerts for us and we'll laugh and God will too...ROMOS you can go to tee first!!Aha!

    Dod Bono die???? Or are you just assuming he'll die before ye?

    Who's Dod Bono???

    You said Bono would stay in the clubhouse. If we are dead and have gone on to golf in heaven & bono is there then he too would have to be in heaven. Thus the did Bono die question. You will understand lindilou's comments by reading my comments t her and hers to me. We had a conversation about playing golf (with you) in heaven.
    Hope yu are feeling better!

    Wonderful! I need to "get out of Dodge" soon. I am seriously considering a trek to the UK/Scottland. Prepare! LOL

    Of course! Shoot- the sofa would do! I am not picky at all. No need to clean either...I am very easy going & accepting on how others live.

    I'll work on my typing- LOL...and spelllingg too :)

    I'd look around to see if there's anybody I know and probably remark to myself, "Gee, that was close.  I almost didn't make it.  I need to thank the Almighty in person.  To heck with the praying."

    Have a few cold ones. Have the old lady ragging at me for EVER.


    maybe she won't be in heaven, Ed
    ed shank

    Something as silly as dyeing won't keep this woman from being at my side. She'd follow me to hell as well.

    Head straight for  " Mc. Donald's!! or "Burger King!!


    oh!!! are you sure you went to the right place

    Work my butt off for the Lord........

    I plan to dance with the angles.


    I will dance with you!

    we will dance the night away, I dont have wings either.

    I am no "Angle!! but will you still "Dance with me .

    go to the pub to celibrate arriving

    After i thank the good LORD for letting me in, I'd head straight for the bar and have a cold one with  Noah and ask him how he kept his stock afloat while everyone else was in liquidation..


    funny :-D

    I look forward to having the souls of those I have loved guide me on the fabulous journey to God.  I would very much like to speak to the first of all Doolittles, Noah, and thank him for following the voice of God and saving the animals!  I would like to hug Jesus and thank the Trinity for his time here on Earth and his great understanding of us!  Being finally free from pain I would like to dance and feel the amazing Peace and LOVE Surround me!!  


    You may also join me golfing !!

    Mini-golf is good...we're surrounded out here!I'm sure we can invent anything we like though so putt-putt it is!!

    But he'll look great wearing his cap and kilt on the course!!!Aha!

    Sorry, I'm often misunderstood.
    I'm ok!

    I'm not changing the sheets, they love me,I'm stuck on them for ever, would the spare room do?

    With one T.

    Please so thankful that all the hurts and disappointments of my life didn't come with me. Praise God

    I will look for my mom and dad, and my husband.


    "What a "Party!! wish you well.

    I think we all have lessons to learn, and reflecting on some of the mistakes I've made in this life, I just may have a few more rounds to do

    praise God...joyously and endlessy; because I wont have to do anything else!  :)

    Get right back into line to come back.

    I'll just go around annoying everyone, especially the Jesus crowd...heh...heh...

    I dont believe in heaven or the next life,but whatever turns you on. enjoy.

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