Person or something that inspired you to become what and who you are right now?

    I was inspired by my uncle who is a professor at a university ever since i was small, i used to see him as always busy, smart and respected, now i'm following a different course but still aiming to be as good as him.
    Although i did want to become like spiderman once upon a time, awwh well, let's chase reality based dreams, i'm over my depression of not been able to fly :)

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    my wife is always there to encorouge me in all I do. A real helper and friend

    that's great :)

    That's nice.
    My mother,who was an artist, encouraged me to take it up. She was a dreamer.

    that's a wonderful mom :)
    Can't think of anyone in particular. Definitely not my parents. Nothing but bad vibes when I was younger. Did a self evaluation and I didn't like what I saw, so I made a conscious effort to be a better person. Treating others twice as good as you want to be treated. It has paid off.

    glad to hear that :)

    While contemplating whether or not to take commercial real estate project listing, I was quite convinced that I would not be able to lease all 45 warehouses within 12 months, or at all.  I thought about it long and hard and I continued to be apprehensive about my ability to get the job done until.......

    ..........One even I was watching the movie "Superman" with my sister and her husband when this boy at the newsroom asked Lois Lane this question:  "Miss Lane, Miss Lane, why do you get such great stories?"  Lois Lane and her boss, the Editor, simultaneously said the the boy, "Great reporters don't get great stories.  Great reporters MAKE stories GREAT!"   I was so inspired by those few words that I ended up taking the listing, leased the warehouse project within 6 months, and subsequently sold the entire industrial park for just under $12 million.


    anything else..

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