What is spirit?

    Maybe it is electromagnetic waves coming in and out of the body. Maybe it's a type of gas or liquid. Maybe its an energy that can be seen with kirlian photography. Maybe its orgone. There must be some way to measure and quantify whatever spirit is empirically. Maybe with that knowledge we can do spirit transfers and other tech like artificial reincarnation. Maybe we can amplify and enhance it with machines so we can perform miracles on cue. Who knows? Its worth looking into. Start brainstorming!

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    Any ideas?


    Mindblade, do you know how to build a kirlian camera? I'm interested in kirlian photography.

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    Spirit is your eternal spiritual embodiment, housing your soul.

    I do not know

    Elan, Verve...

    Spirit is the Presence Of Life; the Will of God, reflecting in this third Dimension all His glorious ideas; in Forms. Man being his most treasured for His self-awareness. God bless all those who truly know Him within, beyond the senses of the body and the world.

    an immortal being..

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