what do you do when your own father makes fun of you because of your religion? :'(

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    It's amazing that you were able to find the beauty of loving Jesus,Without having a father that does,ask Jesus for the strength to be able to steer in telling your father about the love of god,we all have a choice,but it's ultimately up to us to make that choice and let Jesus in,I can imagine how it would hurt for someone as close to you to not believe as you do,never forget Jesus loves you regardless,and he loves you for keeping the faith throughout all of this,he's proud of you for that he's beaming with joy.:)
    I am and have been in same situation since I was 14 now am 51 just keep praying and loving him through.My dad has changed in that he now respects our views but still does not share them.
    Pray for him.

    That's what Im doing... praying that he changes... I bilive that he is on a one way trip to hell
    Headless Man

    It's amazing what God can do Faith, Prayer and being an example is all you can do.
    All great answers. In any case, just let it roll off your back and keep on keepin on. He's still your Dad and you should love him no matter what. Ask him why he feels the need to laugh, perhaps his ignorance of your religion or being uncomfortable with it. Perhaps if he knows it hurts your feelings he will quit laughing (at least to your face). Good luck!
    Your prayers will be answered. I know the waiting is hard but God will not fail you. He cant. Remember there is a reason for this. God will bring good from it. 'all things work together for good for those who Love the Lord'Dont forget we are all praying for your dad
    Take your dad somewhere the beach or a walk somewhere and ask him about when you were born and about you growing up. Get the sentimental part of him out and talking. Even if this takes some time. During this conversation bring up your memories of him being so protective and caring for you. Tell him how much you love him and how much he is hurting you for picking on part of who you choose to be.You sometimes have to tap into the soft spots in order to get someone to listen with love.
    Don't let it affect you. Every person should be able to choose the belief that works best for them. As long as you are not stepping over the limits by trying to convert your dad, he should not be trying to change your way of thinking, either. It is a matter of mutual respect.
    Pray for him.
    My father was Muslim and when I told him that I would be attending Christian services on Sundays from than on he was disappointed but never ridiculed me or the religion. His credo was, to do good you have to be good.
    You love your father, and try to be good to him and if worse comes to worse the times he makes fun of you just walk away every time, if you do not argue about it then it will take all the fun out of it for him.
    Find out why he is laughing at you. Maybe he has a good reason.
    I would probably visit less often

    I live with my dad.... But he hates the fact that im religous....
    depend on where you dad is coming from, is he with another religion? ;-)
    Grit Savage

    so what is he? ;-)

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