What is the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?

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    a vegan will eat no animal produce, so no eggs or dairy products, just vegetables. A vegetarian will eat eggs and dairy, but will not eat a dead animal or fish.
    A vegan has nothing to do with animal products they will not touch or eat anything to do with animals that includes eggs milk cheese butter leather and gelatine.

    Some are so fastidious that they will not use soap or candles made from animal fat. These products can be made from vegetable oil.
    The reason why i am Vegan is because dairy cows are pregnated for the first time at 15 to 18 months of age.A calf if it was left to be with its mother would suckle milk for up to 9 months.these cows that are pregnated at 15 months are only 6 months older than the calfs.Once born a calf would suckle for between 9 to 12 months.On dairy farms calfves are snatched from their mothers within afew days of birth.
    Calves are slaughterd or reared as veal or replace lame dairy cows.Male calves are of no use to farmers becauce they cannot produce milk.Seperation causes immense suffering .As a strong mother infant bond is formed just hours after birth,meaning their seperation is traumatic for both mother and calf.It is common for both mother and calf to bellow and show signs of distress for several days.This is the most potentially distressing incident in the life of the dairy cow.
    Just between 8 and 12 weeks later the poor mother is impregnated again even though she is still lactating from the pervious calf and so the cycle continues.A dairy cow will spend 7 months a year pregnant and producing large quantaties of milk at the same time.
    This is a enormous physical demand put on a living being and this will happen year after year untill the mother is too worn out to carry on and she is sent to slaughter.
    For the mother to try to keep up,she has to eat more food 4 times the amount of a beef cow would need.The cow cannot consume food at this rate because her food intake is limited by the rate that she can digest grass.Also standing and eating all day in her condition is very tireing because cows would naturaly spend 12 to 14 hours lying down,This is why dairy cows often look very thin,A professor ( Webster )likend a dairy cows work load ( to that of a jogger who runs for 6 to 8 hours a day).
    The dairy cow as been bred so that the average yeild daily is between 30 to 50 liters a day ( 10 times the amount a calf would drink ) forcing her body to work extra hard.In addition to this a calf would normally feed from its mother 6 times a day,So that the maximum amount would be 2 liters,Sadly on dairy farms to day the cow is milked twice aday,allowing masses of milk to accumalate in her udder carrying around 20 liters of milk,A greatly enlarged udder leads to lameness in her hind legs and puts the hip joints out of place,also they suffer from mastitus ( a painfull udder condition )
    A depressing number ars culled after only two or three lactations because they are worn out,either through complete loss of body tissue or breakdown of the udder tissues,or cronic lameness.
    Artificial insemmination has now become the norm,it is rare for dairy cows in the UK to mate naturally,most cows are inpregnated by artifical insemination,This involves putting the seman of a bull into the dairy cows uterus.This process is very uncomfortable and can result in injury if carried out incorrectly ,
    courses are available where trainees practic on live animals--worn out dairy cows are subjected to a painfull experience before thet are killsd,it is common for a novice artifical inseminator to practice on cull cows in abottors, for welfare reasons novice only practice on cows who will be slaughterd that day.The message here is thst this is considerd distressing for cows, but if they are about to be killed this does not matter.
    Birth problems have arisen with the use of the semen from large breeds with smaller cows which leads to difficulties during birth,These difficulties can include internal haemorage,nerve paralysis and pelvic fracture.The National Diseases Information Service says..... 46% of cases where unable to stand up which is due to calving difficulties....if a cow goes down by tempory nerve paralysis or fatigue several types of lifting gear aer used to get her back on her feet again including harness and lifting bags.Hobbles and shackels are also commonly attached to the cows back legs where they have sufferd nerve and other damage.
    If a farmer culled an injured and suffering cow during calfings he would lose a large quantity of milk she is about to produce,so injured cows are forced to carry on even in pain for 7 months untill the amount of milk they produce drops,then they are killed.
    And this is why i chose to be Vegan !!!!

    no argument about this, dairy farming is much more cruel than beef farming.
    I wish I could get a taste for soya milk.


    poodlemom,I accigentely came to a websie "Mercy for " just a day before easter. It was so disturbing, that i could not eat my Eater dinner the next day. I have since cut down on meat to 2 times a week and I will stop eating meat altogether. It made me sick to think how cruel humans can be towards these helpless animals.That includes Dairyfarms, Beef farms, Pig, Turkey And Chickenfarms.
    Vegetarian-Only will not eat meat. Vegan-Only will not eat meat and any dairy products.

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