If I asked you what would you say your idea of a true friend is?

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    Hello Darci, That is a VERY good question, T.U. for you.

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    A true friend is there for the long haul, through the good, bad and the ugly.

    That answer said it all Pam. T.U. for you.

    Thanks! I'm logging out, have a good night!!!
    Somebody you could always trust, and not worry about them lying to you, somebody who makes you feel good about yourself, somebody that you can run to and they will do anything to make the feel better, but most importantly, whoever you feel comfortable around... (thumbs up! :) )
    the best answer I heard was from a 3 1/2 yr old boy.....when I was working in a pre-school. I asked the kids if they knew what a friend is....Most of them were quiet, but this one little boy said, '' Someone who will be with you ? ''
    someone who will take what you say and let it sift inbetween her fingers----keeping the positive and letting go of the negative.

    I like that answer very well also, we all have our negative times just others do not see it in themselves sometimes I think, but I am hoping and praying to do better myself.....
    some one who reaches out to touch your hand but instead touches your heart

    yes indeed daren1. I always enjoy watching for your questions and especially your answers. God bless you.....
    One who keeps her trap shut.

    Quite true, that is hard to find too many people love to gossip. Myself, I hate gossip it hurts people too much.
    someone who will love you dispite your follish ways... and find you when you get lost

    Good answer Jenn someone will be very lucky to have you as a friend....
    A friend is somebody who likes to listen, understand, accept and tolerate the unpredictable nature that is in all of us. I would say respect is key as well.
    Someone who knows when you don't want company and calls the next day to see if your OK.

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