If You Were On Death Row, What Would Your Last Meal Be?

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    A hand full of Valium with fifth of Jack and joint the size of a carrot.
    All the lobster I can eat and wash it down with all the marquitas I can consume.
    Humble Pie
    I would ask for whatever takes the longest to cook. Then I would try asking for seconds. Before I eat it I would say the longest grace . All to last as long as poss.

    Your food would be cold by the time you are finished saying grace. :-)

    ha. Would it matter. Not long after i would be cold as well. A wee joke
    a "clambake",boiled lobster,steamed or fried clams,grilled sword fish,raw oysters and for desert bravarien choclate cake, with a file inside!

    I see you are a seafood lover too!!!

    Yumm.. You are a New Englander??? That is the only place I know that calls it a Clam Bake.... I miss those...

    born and raised in s. boston, grew up on seafood, ilove it
    Nothing because fat seems to make things even hotter.
    Chinese food, apple pie and ice cream and all the chocolate I could eat.
    Everything I like but can't eat because it makes me ill.

    It wouldn't matter... unless I got a stay of execution... so if I'm ever there, please do not start an appeal.
    A sweet little 22 year old.
    (This of course AFTER the wife left my cell) ;)

    A sweet little 22 year old hostess twinkie :-)

    A couple of those too! ;)
    Thought of another thing. It would need to be healthy. Low fat. Plenty of greens etc. I like to stay healthy and fit

    Just like you stated above...would it matter? A wee joke :-)

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