What is the purpose of Karma?

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    It is a system of awarding points, which identifies top, or regular, reliable members.

    You see the thumbs up and thumbs down signs next to your question? I shall press thumbs up in a minute so you will have 15 points.

    If people like your questions... you can ask for help... provoke a debate or ask something amusing... anything you like that isn't offensive... they will give you karma points.

    You can answer other people's questions. If people agree with your answer, or you just make them smile, they can give you thumbs up too.

    Treat thumds down with respect. it is not fair to take awaw 31 points just because you disagree with someone. You can comment on their answer, or post an opposing view.

    If you decide an answer was really OTT, pressing thumbs down will cost you 10 points, which is to make you think carefully.

    If you see an answer that you consider to be racial or sexual abuse, click "report abuse" and let Admin deal with it. They will email you to confirm the action they have taken if they feel you should know.

    Politics is considered a subject where you can say almost anything, as long as rudeness and disagreement don't descend to profanity... or nothing too strong anyway.

    Children are not supposed to access the site but they aren't always easy for the moderators to spot so keep that in mind.

    If you need to know more, ask another question in the box below mine, or any other of your answers, and it will keep it in sight. That is called keeping a thread open and it is very useful as other people asking the same thing can be directed to it.

    Welcome, and enjoy.

    i thought on a thubmbs down you both lose 35 points

    You could be right. When I joined it was 15... then it jumped to 31. We could experiment but i'd rather not if you don't mind :-)

    Colleen hasn't arrived yet. If I'm wrong she will say so. In the meantime I've kept a copy of that answer. If she approves it, it would save a lot of time when she isn't around and I am, which happens often because of the time difference.
    It is how we keep tract of who gives good honest answers, if you get a good answer give a thumb up and that gives the person karma points if you give a thumbs down it will take them away but you will lose some also so use wisely. OK to give a funny answer a TU too. Don't forget to click thumbs up ONCE to thank those nice people. Clicking twice doesn't double it, it takes it back.

    Thanks Randy. I'd forgotten the double click. I had to message somebody once to PLEASE STOP. She liked my answer so much he/she had clicked 5 times... I did manage to stop it before I lost the 15 he'she wanted to give me :-)
    Headless Man

    I've had that to where I didn't know if I had points or not and sometimes a person will revisit a link and attempt to vote again and take karma away, be sure the TU or TD is dark or you will reverse your vote.
    To motivate people to be involved and to measure the quality of what they do as judged by others
    Thank you everyone. How about in a philosophical sense? Does anyone have any views on it as part of Buddhist culture?

    No, but I gave you a TU to start you on your way to Q&A prominence. ;)

    Thanks so much. Does anyone here study? I am taking my Masters in Philosophy and all input greatly appreciated.. May be in the wrong place, but according to Zen, that could also well be Karma! :) Have a good evening.

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