Can Science prove the existence of God, or even spirit for that matter?

    I can use buzz words like "Grand Unified Field Theory" and such, but I'm horrible at math ;D

    Seriously, if it can, then we can develop tech to make machines powered by god instead of electricity

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    I don't truly believe so. MAN still only uses 10% of his brain. As far as science goes it's a work in progress. Science, theories, pop culture over the centuries has been worked... sold. Then reworked to throw away all or some of the previous knowledge. Einstein's stuff is almost redundant or proved interesting BUTT Wrong !

    Grit Savage

    and where did you get the dumb idea that Einstein's theories are redundant? he is still being proved correct to this day! ;-)

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    MR grit are you having another bad hair day.

    One day it will be possible. We don't have the technical and scientific means yet, but I believe it is a matter of time.

    Reality changes constantly, depending on the "facts" our momentary scientific knowledge allows us to discover. Remember, some centuries ago the earth was flat, and the stars were pinned to the firmament. That was the truth back then.

    Who knows what will be tomorrow's facts. Time to be curious!


    Would it not be prudent to say that the existence of God is a belief of an individual not everyone But you as a person if you believe in God then God exist why do people need to prove God exists Personally I do believe God does exist but can I prove it No but to me God exist so I need not have to prove anything. its just my thoughts on the subject.

    The universe is intelligently "mind-like", which is why we can partially comprehend it with our minds. It it wasn't, then we wouldn't be able to. The universe is also mathematical, and we can use math to figure out the physics of it. Obviously then, God is the intelligent mind behind it all, communicating these things to our minds.


    You're making a hopeful assumption that requires blind faith. That is, if you are talking about the god of the bible. Words cannot express what the highest(still climbing endlessly; there is no top)is. We can try to quantify it with science theories(theories are based on actual data), but an infinite being will not be understood. You cannot be older than your father. Even when you are as old(as a spirit)as he is now, he will be that much older. There is no bottom. There is no top. Perfection is an imperfect idea.

    I do not beleive that science will ever prove the exsistance of God.....but I believe death will!

    Grit Savage

    death will prove the existence of "god", how? ;-)

    Maybe GOD should turn off the sun for awhile.When you get cold enough maybe you will believe.



    If your god is above science, then go ahead an throw yourself into a pit of hungry lions, or set yourself on fire. That's in the bible.


    Joshua. What proof do you offer?
    Grit Savage

    "god is above all, also above science" very true, so are unicorns, fairy's, hobbits, gandalf, elfs, superman, demons etc etc...
    all fictional stories are beyond science, because fictional stories are all made up from peoples imaginations!!!
    how would you explain how the universe began? and try without saying goddidit! because there is no proof that any imaginary being did it, and there never has been any proof, ever!
    the big bang is one of many theories, all theories have merit, and one will be proven when we have the ability to do so.

    I do believe in miracles = they have proved that at Lourds. Doctors do replace organs but we are talking about miracles as it has to be proved by scientists that a miracle took place. It has to be proved that something outside of our human power has caused this miracle to happen and something scientists cant understand,.

    The scientists are still baffled by the Turin Shroud. They have said a lot more work has to be done on this


    A scientist who is baffled by the Turin Shroud should have his/her title revoked. Are they equallly baffled by an image of Christ on their morning bagel?

    You can't either.

    Some scientists, like Richard Dawkins for instance, believe that science can actually disprove the existence of a God, but other disagree, saying that increased knowledge of the complexity of our universe only reinforces that belief.
    Have a good read of the following articles & decide for yourself:


    All you have to do is see people who've been healed
    by God. I don't mean just minor things, I mean sicknesses
    like cancer, or have organs totally replaced like a heart or
    a liver. That to me is enough scientific proof. I've been
    following God since 1964, and I've seen these miracles and
    many more. What more proof does any intelligent person need?


    D'Ya' mean...Preaching for the converted Dinks?
    Grit Savage

    I wouldn't go to a church for an organ transplant roger, I would go to a hospital to be attended by professional medical staff, nothing to to with a "god" ;-)
    papa peg

    You can't trust them Hospitals Mr grit I have a couple doctors that are Christians.

    Nope. Hard to prove the existence of something that doesn't exist.


    Then why do most humans support a belief in some higher power?


    Without being Created by God then you must believe we came from a spec of dust that for some reason started to live. You must have more fait that most. It takes a lot of fait to believe that we all came from a fish that thought ' I will try to live on the land and breath air. I will become a bird, an insect, an elephant, an ape and perhaps a humaqn. Wow. Such faith

    Grit Savage

    friend, did you miss ALL biology at school? ;-)
    papa peg

    Is that the class where they cut frogs in half.

    god has nothing to do with the sun,but if he did i would start to believe just before i die.because as i said,people fear death and made up the god used your supposed god to issue a threat of some sort to my existance this type of comment will have happened thousands of years ago to convert god fearing people to believe.

    roger roger,you described the replacement of human organs and cancer cures as an act of god.surgeons replace the organs donated by generous people who want to help others.if all the donors believed in god why would they bother with having a belief that a better place is in heaven .sorry if this offends because i also believe that most.. god fearing people are a caring kind.

    The religious can not prove His existence either. It's all faith.

    im a christian but i bealeave that science can not prove the existance of god, however we have never fully understad this world we live sure wene we die the truth we come...and i hope all of you relise how plain this is!and that god is REAL if you dont,then thats your proplem.


    Can you as a Christian prove the existence of God or do you believe through faith only?

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