how long can a person live with the hiv virus

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    The answer to this question depends on the state of the persons immune system.
    Disease is not something one catches out of the blue. All disease is in the first place caused by a weak immune system which allows entry to the bacteria, virus, or whatever else floats around. Bacteria are all around us, 24/7. We breathe them in and exhale them again. Bad ones that stay in the system get dealt with by the immune system, but only if it is strong enough to deal with the bad ones. Eating proper foods like vegetables, beans, lentils and salads boost our immune system because of the amount of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements these foods contain, and drinking pure non-chlorinated and non-fluoridated water.
    Take an example of what other mammals eat, like horses, elephants, cows, goats, and so on. They live on vegetables, don't suckle off other mammals,
    Don't suckle after weaning, and don't suffer any of the health issues that human mammals suffer from. Ever thought about why this is? No food additives, food coloring, no artificial foods like Macdiabetes, or Kentucky fried hormones, no processed meats, no lollies, milk shakes, and so on.
    That is the secret to health! Disease is not caused by a lack of prescription drugs, and indeed, prescription drugs are unscientific because they only deal with the symptoms of disease, and not with the causes of disease.

    Hope this answers your question?


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