Is Jealousy Sometimes A Good Thing?

    Every one of us has experienced jealousy somewhere or at some point of our lives. Jealousy has to do with possessiveness in relationships and is different from envy, which is targeted at someone else’s achievements or possessions. Jealousy is born out of other emotions like fear, anger, betrayal and powerlessness. Envy is a petty emotion that's against someone else’s happiness.

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    A little bit of jealousy is good from time to time, it keeps the romance alive, and the partners do not take each other for granted. Among friends, these flashes of jealousy can motivate each one to achieve more and more.

    Ex: watching your friend lose 20lbs will inspire you to start on that long-postponed diet.
    Never. Jealousy depending on the degree of it, as stated above can make people nuts. Extreme jealousy is a form of mild mental illness no different than a phobia according to friend shrink. Never had any jealousy issues that come to mind but have seen what it can do to people when they become consumed by it.
    Jealousy is only good when we learn from it, like any sin if we don't learn from them then we will repeat them.
    Well I cannot say I am not guilty of it myself but I want to rid it from me and my only hope in doing that is with God's help because jealousy is not good for us and is more poison for the person feeling the jealousy than the one that they are jealous about. It is like someone said taking poison and hoping the other person will die.
    I dont know if it is good or bad. I would trust my wife to go anywhere and be with anybody. She would never let me down.
    ole hipster

    Ah-h-h a good husband you must I know why your moniker is "friendindeed"! (:

    Thanks. I feel a bit sloppy.
    Jealousy is something that can and will make you sick if you don't learn how to let it go.I don't think there is anyone that hasn't experienced the sickening pangs it gives the entire body. I agree it's one way to see where your insecurities are.I have learnt over the years that when this happens to me I envision the person that I am feeling this way about, and I send them love and light and let them go. I may have to repeat it a few times but it softens the feeling and does go away.
    Jealousy (the "Green-eyed Monster"!) is not to be secure in yourself and whatever you have than to sink to the depths of jealousy as it will eat you away (literally) (:
    Well, sometimes you can't help it. The horns sprout for a time, but you get over it. Move on.
    It can be. It can point out areas that you are insecure about, and then you can try to find out why you feel insecure, and deal with it.

    @FreedomFighter - I agree. Jealousy comes from personal insecurities, with time that weakness can turn into a strength. TU!!!
    You need help.

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