What's The Worst Advice You've Ever Taken?

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    I went on a blind date...a setup from my so called friend.
    Ms Sinclair

    Lol. Must have been pretty bad.

    @Ms Sinclair - Let's put it this was my first and my last. Experience is a great teacher!!!
    Ms Sinclair

    I hear ya.
    its ok to play on the r.r. tracks lol
    ed shank

    I'll bet it was your dad.
    Move to California. Lived in San Fransisco (the 20th century's Sodom and Gomorrah) for three years. Couldn't find a real job. My wife got a job in a strip joint half naked serving drinks, didn't like it but it paid the rent. Had to leave town quickly after running my car through the front door of "Big Al's" the owner grabbed my wife's ass, that was it, went back East.

    The moral of the was time to get out of dodge. LoL!!!
    Let us see how long you can hold that wheely on my sx250. I could do 3/4 of the way up that hill but went for the full thing just because they ask. OUCH

    Won't do that again. loL!!!
    Headless Man

    Yea i did, toped it to after a week or so to heal

    You said...yes I can, and that you did. Know tell your friends about me. LoL!!!
    Headless Man

    I learn later pride is
    "What they dont know cant hurt them".... ya, but it will eat you alive.

    Sometimes is what you do know that can hurt you. LoL!!!

    True but ... It would be best for there to be nothing for anyone to know anything about.

    I feel ya. Some things are better left alone!!!
    I was 13. Was advised to go and knock that door. I took the advice. The door opened and who came out. My head teacher. He invited me to call at his office the next day. A stick was taken from his desk. That advice gave me a very sore back

    Were you advised to go to your teacher's house and knock on the door?

    Not today. I am now 58. IT was a prank . I did not know who lived in the house.
    Listening to a counselor while in school who told me that the occupation of drafting is only for "boys"! (Obviously I wasn't a boy!) LOL (:

    It's good to know that females are included. LoL!!!
    ed shank

    I taught Drafting in a high school for many years and 1/3 of my class were females. They were as a whole much better than the boys.
    Transfering my company pension into a private one back in the 80s financial advisers, my arse.

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