what do you do if your world is crashing down... and theres nothing you can do it about it :(

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    12 Answers piece of advice I freshly know about is feeling your world is crashing, and at times it just is. The thing you must understand are doors continually open and close throughout our lives.Sometimes when it's out of our control it's as if the universe has had enough of seeing you in a situation holding you back in life and only through closing doors(or slamming, if you will)is it possible for you to continue becoming who you are meant to be.It's also something I call forced growing. We are always changing as we go through different experiences and lets face a child the growing pains hurt as do the adult ones now.Something really awesome is on the way for you, I can feel it!
    It really depends upon what is making your world crash down around you...different answers will apply...sometimes it is just best to think to yourself "this too shall pass" and carry on as well as you can
    Like you said there's nothing you can do about it, stressing is a complete waste of time. Stay positive, we all go through extremely difficult times during our lives, and we come out of it smelling like roses.

    These difficult trials only give us strength of character, what some mean for evil, or terrible events that may happen, God can turn these things into a much better circumstance than ever before.

    I don't know if you are a believer, but even if you're not, every difficulty I have gone through in life has only made me stronger, I accredit that to my faith in God. As long as you learn and grow from the situation, it will only make you stronger, I truly hope everything works out for you, I'm sure in time it will
    Going through the same thing right now....pray,pray and pray,because in the end, Jesus is our medicine and I know he will make the pain go away,he always comes through.:)
    Ride it through the best you can. Everything happens for a reason. You'll get through it and find a new avenue that will lead you to a better place in life. I've seen it happen countless times. The latest was a friend of mine who got robbed twice and then lost her home because the owner decided to sell it. She never liked living there because the place scared her and her kids (they thought it was haunted)but it was a home for her and her family. Her world was a mess. She has 4 children of her own a niece and her boyfriend and his 3 who spend 3 days a week with them. A family of up to 10 at a given time with no place to go and no money to leave with. She was depressed and lost and scared. She had a week left before they had to be out of the house and suddenly it all started to work out. One thing after the other, like some great plan that just worked out. Today, she and her family live in a marvelous place. They are happy and content and enjoying life to a point they never enjoyed it back at the old place. The kids have a ton more friends, she has a few more friends, they get together and do fun stuff and life is good, better than it ever was. Trust that everything happens for a reason. If she had never gotten the "kick in the pants" to change what wasn't working for her and her family, she'd probably still be living in that house that they were not happy in since the owner decided not to sell after all.

    Interesting Colleen I was going to say sit back and enjoy the ride.. Life has a way of working itself out...

    That is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it.

    That is amazing advise and story! thanks for sharing!
    A catastrophic illness is about the only thing that I can think of as "crashing down" on you. There's no such thing as nothing you can do about it. Every problem has a resolution. Identify the problem, put your serious face on and meet it head on.
    Move on, it happens to everyone at some time in their lives. You have plenty of company out there.
    There's always something you can do, pray have faith and try to stay happy God will be there.
    Make an appointment with a good psychologist. There is always something you can do about it.

    Yes, save your money for the next rainy day.

    Psychologists create problems you never guessed you had, which they offer to cure at enormous cost.


    Really? Please explain to me how they create problems. Enormous cost? They take insurance and most will see you on a sliding scale. Not sure where you got your info, but it is erroneous.
    Call the "Hound of Heaven." God has magnificent hearing and is available 24/7. Don't waste your time with any other venue or entity. He alone has the power and love to help you.
    You are not alone my friend, I am there been there I am in survival mode and knowing and beliveing in God and Jesus is my only hope in today's world. Try reading Footprints in the Sand.......
    If I try to enforce my solution on a problem, I get more problems and bigger problems. I have learned to let problems be and do nothing about the problem until the solution is there to replace the problem and I simply choose the one I like better and let the other go. Letting the problem breath all on its own and then its gone.

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