If you could Invite a group of people from this website to a little party, who would you invite and why?

    I suppose the and why would take to long to explain, a list will suffice, unless you would like to say why you like that individual?

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    I managed it, but I forgot a lot of people.

    They are all invited too.

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    Randy Palmer, Colleen, Friendindeed, Jenn, Darci, Grit Savage, Double H, Daren, Mom, Hipster, Ann, TSC, Coach, Spaceghost, Rogerwilcoe, Expert, Ms Sinclair,Pamela, Raider, friend of God, Blue death, Vinny, sulitz, Papa peg, Mathenegy, Angie, Itsmee, Mindblade, Ashleigh, Andrew, Schubee, Zorro,Volcane, People lover and Bestway, That's just off the top of my head, I'm sure there are a few more I will add to the list that I can't think of right now...

    I just wanted to say to all of you and the ones I forgot, you know who you are, I appreciate your friendship and support, you all are great people in my book..

    "Randy Palmer, Colleen"

    You're a brave one to put us together in the same room, lol kidding. I'm sure we'd respect each other and not start WWIII...(maybe.. <grin>)

    At least I didnt post you 2 next to each other (LEEROY!)... I think you would get along famously.. You are both good people.. I love you guys.

    Colleen would have to be the one who makes me laugh the most, you, TSC, and DoubleHelix, Coach too, you guys cheer me up. Not to mention crack me up. Yes, I probably should keep you two in a different room, I'm sure you would like each other if you met face to face though...
    Headless Man

    It would be fun trying to convert

    Been there done that Randy. Not going back. :)

    lol, We could all have a nice conversation, and a beer or soda together, it would be fun, maybe If I ever get an invention that goes all the way, I'll invite all of you to my new estate for a get together...

    I am due for a road trip! I will even where a ref. Shirt!

    lol, we may need more than one, I'll stop off at foot locker before the party...

    OMGoodness. I just noticed I am not invited to Leeroy party.... I think I may cry... I thought we has something special....

    Oops I was #5... ok I forgive you.

    Hey # 4 , not 5,
    Leeroy, Vinny, Coach, Spaceghost, Colleen, Volcane, People Lover, TSC, Freedom Fighter, Papa Peg, Banks, Pamela, Double Helix, Friend indeed, Raider, Mom, R. Palmer, Mindblade, Itsmee, Grit Savage, Ole Hipster, Darci, and there are many more.. You have all touched my heart.. I would love to meet you. Icount you as friends. I am a lucky girl.

    I would put Jenn under the sweetheart category. Nice answer Jenn thanks...

    Sorry Jenn

    I didn't mean to leave you out. Bring the cats as well.

    ME TOO? Thanks Jenn. <3

    LOL.. I didn't feel let out.. If on was on your mind all the time.. We might have some serious talking to do.. LOL!

    Jenn...Poor me :(
    I would invite everyone, with one condition, "You Must Have Your Long Form Birth Certificate" to gain entrance to the party. LoL!!!

    good Answer about the Birth certs
    Well... I think I would post a question saying, "Anyone who can come and bring a smile is welcome!" I would than put in the box below that if anyone gets contentious I leave!! ;) I don't drink so you'd have to accept pop and chips!! Maybe I'd make some carrot cake with cream cheese icing!!
    i think it would be easier to make a list of those who wouldn't be invited, cause it would be real short,

    lol, I don't know there are supposedly ton's of user's on this site, but seems like only a few answer questions, maybe we have a lot of watchers??
    Good night all. It's tomorrow in the UK.

    Have fun.
    WHY does the comment box only give up posting when I want to talk to Colleen? Can somebody TELL her I've answered, please?

    Colleen I answer all the red notifications. It's the emails I don't have. Admin didn't correct my address.

    Have a glass of champagne :-)

    She'll be back, I just commented on her comment, you have to get back to admin. and make sure they fix it.

    OK I'll send them another message.

    Goodness knows where my emails went. They should have been returned as undeliverable, with gibbish saying why.

    I've sent you another e-mail using I've not gotten anything telling me it wasn't delivered. As for the comments box issue, I reported that a few days ago. The programmers are working on it. They said it may take a week to correct.

    Ooops. It is

    Most of the comment boxes are fine... I always seem to be unlucky with you :(

    (Usually when there's another question very close to it. I'll hit this one quickly while it's clear.)

    Will try again.

    Sent, check your e-mail
    You, to pick your brains.

    Colleen, because I can never find her when I want her.

    Ann, because she votes me up, but only when she has a good reason.

    Marmite because she has problems but can always make me laugh.

    Expert, because he has a quirky sense of humour.

    Adrianna, because joining in a party would help her English... or it would if I was around to correct it :-)

    Everybody who has ever stayed around to thank me for an answer, which wouldn't crowd the room too much.

    Burt, who has just asked why it's so hard to live in this world, which means he needs to go to a party.

    TSC, if I get an apology... but I'm serving champagne, not beer... and Ms Sinclair to pour oil on troubled waters.

    Mom, because she gives "happy" advice even though she has problems.

    i don't know what happened to Mom there... she was in the middle, not an afterthought.

    And thank you for inviting me to your party while I was trying to remember people's names and say WHY, which you cheated and didn't :-)

    Cool, I think I you reminded me of two others I would include, Marmite, and Ms Sinclair, There are a lot of people on this site with great senses of humor and people who really want to help others, nice thumbs up on your comment. Hey you didn't include me, what the ...

    I have a lot of work ahead of me, maybe I can make a list under funny or sweet, and supportive, and put groups under them? That would be more efficient.

    Of course I picked you, leeroy.

    Is your first language Polish too?

    You asked the question, so who else would I call "you"?

    It's your brains I'm planning to pick :-)

    Suppose I happen to be funny, sweet, supportive AND efficient?

    "Colleen, because I can never find her when I want her."

    I always find you, you just never come back to check ;)

    Jenn beause she is just so flippin amazing and clever.
    Since most people on here are aware of the problem it seems only fair to tell you that TSC has apologised.

    That apology has been accepted. Subject closed... other than to confirm his party invitation :-)

    My whole bad boy image has just been flushed down the Q&A toilet.
    I've been humbled. ;)

    That's great, I think TSC is very cool people, not only does he make me laugh a lot, but he tells it like it is, good qualities, now if we could just get him to be a little less accident prone, he may live a little longer.

    You shot along here fast enough when I told you about the party :-)

    Haven't had any MAJOR accidents since the ceiling incident Leeroy. Just some scrapes, cuts, bruises and bites. Mostly from the yard work. :(
    All in all it was about a two pint (blood) job.
    Leeroy, check my reply to you in the Who believes in jesus? thread

    Yes, she must have gone unnoticed? Thanks for the help, good job as usual...

    All taken care of leeroy. Thanks for being so observant ;)

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