What is success for you?

    We live in a very materialistic society... so do you think that success is only to have more and more money? What else do you care ?

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    Very good question Martina, thumbs up keep up the good work.

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    To most people success is measured by the size of your house or amount of possessions you have. I personally measure my own success by what kind of person I am at heart. I constantly am working at improving myself to make me better than the old self, but never better than anyone else.

    I can't help but feel down sometimes because of the pressure family, friends, or society places on men to be financially successful. I was at one point quite successful, but lost most everything financially speaking.

    Success to me now would be having the ability to help many people improve the quality of their lives, this is my dream,"so to speak," in life. I would like to help as many people as I can get a better career, and help them become self sufficient. In short making a positive impact in peoples lives would make me feel successful...

    Money has nothing to do with my success. Possibly because I have none. Before we got pregnant with our first child we decided money could wait; being a full time parent could not. Success to me is being able to look back at life without regret.

    Success is I guess not giving in to failure or defeat. No matter how many times we fail or fall, pick ourselves up and start again each and every time. Never giving up .
    Living to 64 with a house to live in and a family that loves me.
    Success is getting up one more time than you fell down...
    Success to me is being all that you can be!!!

    And what might that be,your not ans the ques Pam
    now stop cheating!!!LOuto.

    Success comes in doing your best and to continuously striving in the direction of your goals. Success will come to does that do.

    Sucess to me is always striving to do what is right no matter if you feel like it or not. Working hard and doing the very best you can do on whatever job you are on and always striving to do your very best. That to me is success, not material things and such. And always trying to lend a helping hand to others if you see they need one.



    Four letters and one gigantic word. few regrets as possible, and I'm pretty unforgiving of myself. 


    We share that in common.
    going from one failure to another without loosing enthusiam !!... winston churchill..i think

    Success to me is being able to go to bed every night, and sleep with sound mind and body.
    Money has nothing to do with success, except those who only live for money.

    I have been self employed for 35 years. Success for me was raising my family from the work of my own hands and seeing them make their own way in life
    Success to me is at the end of the day, I can look back and feel good inside. To know I did everything to the best of my ability, to know I made people feel good about themselves, to know I laughed consecutively throughout the day, gave and felt love and feel content...I know I have succeeded in what i wanted for the day.
    It's often better to have a go at things and make mistakes rather than not have a go at all.
    Success is being comfortable and secure in whatever we have accomplished.

    Since we are all "Souls", here to learn and create, success is whatever "you" want it to be--We are all Co-Creators with God, designing our reality as we go, with each choice we make.

    Success for me,was to build a home for my family and not having to take a mortgage,now I'm retire having no dept,so me & wife can rest in peace,now that the kid has forsaken us and our parent past away.Now were left alone to be forgotten.Does that sound like success?
    Reaching age 63 and so far a healthy 63

    Healthy and happy family + lots and lots of money


    success is your expectations on you its the rising feeling of mind
    I would have been successful if I had been able to have kids. Not having them, I feel like a failure. But that is me.

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