Champions League Soccer - F.C. Barcelona or Manchester United ?

    May 28th is just days away and THE match of the year promises to be a barn-burner at Wembley Stadium. Will star-studded Barcelona beat Sir Alex's warriors ?

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    Isn't he under contract with Turkey?

    He was, I think Australia now, not sure. He likes to coach national teams, Chelsea had him under radar a few years ago.
    They are my two favorite teams. I'm so looking forward to this match! I'm rooting for Man-U!

    Which league do you follow most?

    English Premier League. I don't follow any other league, but some of the teams I like.

    I follow the Italian Serie A quite closely but I won't miss an English or Spanish match if it involves 2 big teams.
    I didn't think Man U would fair as well as they have this year but when you have the best manager in the world, he can squeeze out miracles. I think Messi and his boys are going to be hard to beat but if any squad can, the Red Devils are the ones.

    Did you watch today's game, Man U vs Chelsea Champions League game? What a game! It was a war!

    Yeah, after Ronaldo's departure, Giggs and Scholes aging...they are in a transition period.

    You mean the 2008 final? What channel was it on? I watched that one when I visited Portugal and there were lots of Brits in the Algarve.The patio TV screens were a magnet.


    Oh you mean today's league game won by Man U 1-0. No I had 4 Italian games to watch.

    Where are you? In US, I have a cable TV, the soccer channel. It was a today's game. Man U won by 2-1. They are a point away from being the first 19th champion of the league.

    I should say yesterday.

    In Canada. The game was aired exclusively on Setanta Sports which I don't subscribe to. Sportsnet carries lots of EPL games as well but I can barely keep up with the Italian ones on Score Network, Fox Sports and RAI.

    Is Ancelotti on his way out of Chelsea ?

    I don't know, it looks like, but Chelsea is not doing as bad as I thought. I'd like Hiddink for Chelsea.
    Barcelona all the way!

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