should asparagus be cooked before putting on pizza

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    put clean, little pieces of raw aparagas on the raw pizza, then pop the pizza in the oven. It will come out cooked and yummy . Tomatoes on pizza are good too.
    I worked at a few pizza places when I was in high school and believe me when I tell you this:

    To many vegetables on a pizza will make it very soggy, vegetables release water during the cooking process, although asparagus doesn't have a high water content like other vegetables, you may want to par cook it in olive oil with some garlic, it will add to the flavor and leave less water on your pizza. Hope this helps...
    Yuck!....asparagus on pizza sounds terrible to me! (:

    Well, I'm not much of an asparagus fan myself, so I have to agree with you, maybe if you add bacon?
    also, bacon is really good on pizza
    they should be cooked with the pizza so the condiments melt together nicely.
    Only if you are going to cook the pizza, otherwise then yes cook the asparagaus!
    yes steam in microwavable bowl with a dash of water

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