what makes you happy when feeling miserable and lonely?

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    I hope all is well with you. Call a friend and go see a good movie, or maybe playing miniature golf or race car driving, just to name a few. :-)

    A sincerely, faithful trust in the Lord. Therein lies the means to cope with life's problems!

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    Sometimes I listen to some good and upbeat music.

    I have a good cry, drink some wine and sleep it off.


    Yes, yes, yes.....A good cry (can't say enough in favor of a good cry). Drink some wine. Yes yes yes YES. A little buzz to numb the pain and put a smile on my face. SLEEP! yes yes yes yes yes I would really love to go to bed by midnight and actualy sleep. Here it is 2:36 A.M........
    a good book or movie, just enough to take me to fantasy land

    "However long the night, the dawn will break."                     

                                                                   ~ African Proverb


    Just hang in there.  Nothing bad lasts forever.


    I write out how I am feeling as if I were talking to someone then let myself have a good cry. It usually lifts the feeling.

    I don't know that I feel "happy", but I feel alot better when I turn my attention to recognizing all the blessings I enjoy in my life.  I guess it's an attitude adjustment. 


    I'm retired now (or can't work cuz of injury) Anyway, I had a home daycare and 10 or 12 preschoolers came to my home every day.
    I found out the trick of "attitude adjustment" I put on a smile, a big howdy and went out to face my world. If I was grumpy, I'd sink the ship.
    Psychologists say that if you SMILE, your brain will think you're happy and it actually happens.
    I believe it but don't always do it.

    I won't complain about this anymore but my computer will grab my text and post it before I've edited it.

    ITS MEE: you are right about that smile. I bowl in leagues. A few weeks ago, a man walked over & sat down next to me, asking if he could tell me something. Sure, expecting him to tell me I'm a good bowler. He told me I was a very attractive woman, but I really needed to smile. I'm trying, especially when I don't feel it inside.
    My comments need editing, too, sometimes. It's all good. Thank you again!
    Thank God it's only one day of the year, my Birthday. I don't answer the phones, or the door. That makes me happy. Way to much traffic in my house the other 363 days.
    dance to hey soul sister by train, or raise your glass by pink
    I do something nice for myself.



    Why kimba, how nice. Thank you. That will lift us up. We can conquer anything if we're fueled with M&M's. Sweet!
    Having a cold beer&good conversation with a friend.
    Excercise! I cannot believe what a simple 30 minute fast paced walk can do to get rid of the blues; and while your walking say "Hello" to everyone you encounter.

    Also, if you can, go to a nursing home to visit in the lobby, sometimes by looking at how better off you are compared to others can lift your spirits and you may even find an interesting friend that is lonely too.

    That is kind of true, schiz. After visiting a good fast paced walk will bring you back up.
    I used to go to a nursing home three times a week.
    Thankyou monkey11 I am sure that will help.

    Your welcome marmite. Keep your chin up!

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