were can i find school thats free for me to get my G.E.D ,or i can do both get my G.E.D and take a collage trade.

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    Go to any near by college and ask their admission office and they will give you information on this subject, and also enroll you in a goverenment funded program for free. well, if you have any kind of disability then you can go to Department of Rehabilitaion Services (DORS)they can connect you to gov funded agencies that will enroll you in GED and will connect you to a program that will pay for four years of college of your choice under the ADA plan. If you do not have any disabilities then go to the Department of Human Resoruces (DHR) and find out informaiton to enroll in GED where you do not have to pay. You can also go to the Maryland workforce one stop office and find out information or go on the website and find out. Good luck!

    And be sure to take and English course so you can learn how to spell words correctly. (this is meant for the questioner, not you sidra)
    you should of stayed in school, now you want the easy way out!

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