Why to be gay is so difficult?Why it is so difficult to finde someone caring and onest?

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    Landon, love is hard for everyone to find. Yes, it's harder for gays as our ability to meet other gays is seriously impeded by the close minded people of the world who would rather we go back into our closets but it is possible to meet others. I do not know how old you are so I can not suggest ideas. Just know that if you are meant to have love in your life, it will find you. Ignore the threats of hell you might get here. They come from scared people. Be bigger than the threats.
    Maybe you should spend more time on your spelling and education and quit worrying about a partner. The Bible says it is not a sin to be homosexual, but to practice it is a sin.

    Did you really have to throw the bible quip in there? Maybe Landon isn't Christian? I'm not and I'm a lesbian and I don't give a hoot what the bible thinks. Stop believing everyone can be duped by a book like you are.
    I am a Christian. I rarely look at religious questions because I don't do doctrine.

    The bible was written when so little was known and people wanted answers. Hence the creation of the world in 6 days and a day of rest... Adam appearing from nowhere, Eve being made out of one of his ribs and a serpent representing sex... not love you notice.
    All that has been proven to be wrong as science advances. Will the biblebashers admit it? No.

    The bible was written by men, for men. Women were chattels, of no account UNTIL one man came along, Christ. Don't ask me to believe in miracles. Walking on water is easy if you know where the sandbanks are, covered by an inch or so of water. When the tide was right I've done it off the coast of Wales. He preached LOVE, and I go along with that.

    Whatever your age great poetry will do you no harm.

    Now, as in Tullia’s tomb one lamp burnt clear. Unchanged for fifteen hundred year, May these love-lamps we here enshrine In warmth, light, lasting, equal the divine. Fire ever doth aspire, And makes all like itself, turns all to fire, But ends in ashes: which these cannot do, For none of these is fire, but fuel too. This is joy’s bonfire, then, where loves strong arts Make of so noble individual parts One fire of four inflaming eyes, and of two loving hearts.

    John Donne – Ecuogue for the marriage of the Earl of Somerset.


    This is not a question concerning religion. It is a question concerning Landon's quest for romantic love.

    Religion was brought up in the first answer and you slapped down the writer for a quip, which it was and unfair to Landon.

    You also said you weren't a Christian and based your argument for love between gays as okay on that. I wondered if Landon was a Christian and might think he or she was wrong if it meant jettisoning his or her beliefs, so I said what I honestly could... it's possible to be a Christian without obeying ever last out-dated quote from the bible.

    I couldn't say I was gay because I'm not, but love doesn't wait to be invited, or conform to rules nobody has a right to make anyway.

    Landon's search for romantic love is a tough one, for the very good reason you said... we don't know Landon's age so advice could be inappropriate.

    John Donne may have been anything... his poetry is very mixed, but you can't say it isn't about romantic love, can you?

    I suppose you might since we seem destined to argue about something or other all night. It is half past one in the morning over here :-)

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