is it normal for my 3mos.old to choke and cough all the time like she isnt gettn any breath

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    Does she have a pediatrician? I'm not even going to try and guess or search for an answer to a question about a toddler's health. If you do not have a pediatrician for her, get one or call the ER.
    You need to get her to an ER promptly when this happens...don't try to second guess or hope it will pass...does not sound good...don't want to worry you however what you have stated is great cause for concern. Does this happen after drinking from a bottle with her she being properly patted in order for her to belch?? She's very young...needs medical attention for this problem..I'm hoping that you are able to seek medical advice as soon as possible. My thoughts are with you!

    Just to say to wind a baby - the best way sit baby on your lap, place you hand over babies daiphragm firmly but not too hare (this helps the burp on its way) and rub the back with the other hand. If baby is crying put him up to your shoulder and pat in a steady motion so that it can be heard, the back this simulates the sound he/she heard in the Mother's womb. AND I am sure you knew all this - just trying to help.
    Doctor. NOW.

    Oh my - please go to the A & E  as fast a you can.  What is wrong with you -" Is it normal" are you trying to frighten and scare the hell out of everyone. 


    Dopey, U 2 R late. Y?
    Have a nice sunday.

    west-bus You are so right west-bus - I am trying to get myself organised - I was always a night owl but now I am turning day into night. Lots of porblems at the moment - but I have a tendency as I said to do this. Do have a good tomorrow and thankyou.
    Smart. If your child is having a hard time breathing & AKAQA is your first stop, theres something wrong there..

    if that is happening you shouldnt be asking this website! You should be seeing a doctor!

    NO, SEE A DOCTOR. best of luck with her. in my prayers tonight

    They are right, what the Hell you doing here when you should be there at the doctors, even the ER!!!!!


    A little late I think.

    Not Normal.  Take her to the doctor quick.


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