Jackie Robinson Day 2011

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    Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier 64 years ago today. It’s April 15, 2011 Major League Baseball is honoring one of great hero in baseball.

    On this date 64 years ago, Jackie Robinson made history when he took the field as a Brooklyn Dodger. Tonight, all of baseball celebrates Robinson's legacy, as all uniformed personnel for every team will wear number 42, as has been the practice for the last several seasons. There will be pregame ceremonies at all 15 major league stadiums in use today.
    It's not often that the essence of a man, especially a complicated man, can be summed up in one sentence. There haven't been many people like Jackie Robinson. "A life is not important," he said, "except in the impact it has on other lives."

    He was an aggressive man, outraged at injustice, and quick to stand up for his rights. He had the guts to say no when ordered to the back of the bus in the army, and was court-martialed for his courage. His instinct wasn't to turn the other cheek, but to face problems head on. He was more prone to fighting back than holding back.

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