What is a problem child?

    What is problem in childhood?

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    Who said you could talk about me

    if you are a very briight 6 year old that would be the perfect answer. another one "you're not the boss of me!!"
    ever spend time with an unmedicated kid with adhd. don't try it at home!
    i certainly have and its not good,

    python: i have add. it was diagnosed and medicated very late in life, my childhood was terrifying . my brother has adhd and is a well-known nuclear physicist. i think the answer is to find what you are good at. i ran a preschool and had several adhd kids through the years. you're probably really bright - adhd kids tend to be that way.
    a phrase my mother refered to me as
    Depends on what you call a problem. My problem ended on his eighth birthday at 8:00 pm, that was his deadline to get out. Today everything is great between us.
    A problem child can be many things depending upon who is asking, also depends upon the child him/her self, the parents, the environment etc. etc. Tends to mean however to most folks, it's a child who gives their parents or other authority figures a difficult time. Has many meaniings however..why? are you one or do you have one? Just curious(:
    my lazy son 19 year old that thinks he is a god to his mommy and never has to do anything for anything

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